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1st Grade Word Shape Puzzles (Weeks 21-24)

You’ll find the 1st grade spelling words for weeks 21-24 below. As well as spelling worksheets that go along with the words for each of those weeks.

And if a phonics blend has not been seen in previous weeks, it will be mentioned in the week it is first seen.

This will give you a roadmap of a good time to teach these blends to your children.

Word Shape Puzzles

You also have the option to print out a weekly word shape puzzle to go along with each week’s spelling words.

Word shapes puzzle for grade 1 week 21.  There's 10 words for kids to write in a box that matches the shape of the word.  Next kids will color the word boxes that have a long E sound, an ST blend, an FL blend, and a BR blend.

The grade 1 spelling worksheets will help kids work on learning the spelling of their weekly words.

They will first write each of the words in a word box that matches the shape of the word. After they will be given different phonics sounds to hunt for in their list of words.

The student will then be directed to color the word boxes that contain those given phonics sounds, a specific color.

The pdf of these free printable word shape puzzles can be downloaded at the bottom.

More First Grade Phonics Worksheets

Another fun worksheet to go along with these spelling weeks is this Groundhog Day color by rhyming word coloring page. It uses nearly all the words in weeks 21 and 24, and some of the words in weeks 22 and 23.

Grade 1 – Week 21

The spelling list for the week is:

  1. cup
  2. pup
  3. each
  4. reach
  5. bag
  6. rag
  7. tag
  8. brag
  9. flag
  10. first

Phonics Blend Introduced

This week the BR blend first appears in our 1st grade words this week. This would be a great week to highlight this phonics sound.

Grade 1 – Week 22

Here’s the spelling list for week 22:

  1. beg
  2. leg
  3. peg
  4. big
  5. dig
  6. fig
  7. pig
  8. wig
  9. water
  10. other

Grade 1 – Week 23

The spelling words for week 23 are:

  1. dog
  2. fog
  3. jog
  4. log
  5. dug
  6. hug
  7. jug
  8. mug
  9. rug
  10. were

Grade 1 – Week 24

Here are the spelling words of week 24:

  1. all
  2. ball
  3. call
  4. fall
  5. hall
  6. tall
  7. wall
  8. small
  9. called
  10. long

Phonics Skills Introduced

This following phonics skills are new this week:

  • SM blend
  • NG digraph
  • suffix ED

Printable Grade 1 Word Shape Puzzles

You can download the free printable word shape puzzles that go along with the 1st grade spelling weeks 21-24.

The pdf includes an answer page to make things easier for teachers and homeschooling parents.

1st Grade Spelling Worksheets

Here are the links to get the word shape worksheets and spelling lists for the other grade 1 weeks:

And here is the link to go back to the master list of these first grade spelling words where you can download a .pdf of all 32 weeks.