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1st Grade Word Shape Puzzles (Weeks 13-16)

Here are 4 free printable word shape puzzles for first graders. The puzzles use the words for the first grade spelling words of weeks 13-16.

Below you’ll find the spelling words for each of these weeks, along with a new phonics blend or digraph that was not found in the previous weeks.

This can be a guide to help you know which phonics skills to teach your 1st grade child each week.

The word shape puzzles are free to download and print, and can be an excellent spelling worksheet to supplement each weekly spelling list.

After writing each word down in a word box, kids will be asked to color word boxes that have a specified phonics sound.

Screenshot of word shape puzzle that serves as a spelling worksheet for a 1st grade spelling list.

Week 13

Here are the spelling words for this week:

  1. bad
  2. dad
  3. had
  4. lad
  5. mad
  6. pad
  7. sad
  8. tad
  9. glad
  10. into

New Phonics Sound of the Week

GL blend introduced this week

Week 14

  1. den
  2. hen
  3. men
  4. pen
  5. bun
  6. run
  7. what
  8. when
  9. which
  10. who

New Phonics Sound of the Week

WH digraph introduced this week

Week 15

  1. bed
  2. fed
  3. red
  4. shed
  5. sled
  6. led
  7. cod
  8. rod
  9. yes
  10. block

New Phonics Sound of the Week

BL blend introduced this week

Week 16

  1. did
  2. hid
  3. kid
  4. lid
  5. rid
  6. mob
  7. rob
  8. sob
  9. slob
  10. snob

New Phonics Sound of the Week

SN blend introduced this week

Free Printable Grade 1 Word Shape Puzzles

You can download the 1st grade word shape puzzles free below.

The pdf includes an answer sheet to make things easy for teachers or homeschooling parents.

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