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Grade 1 Spelling: Weeks 9 – 12

This is the place to find the 1st grade spelling words for weeks 9 thru 12.

You will also see a list of any phonics sounds that are new up till that point. This can guide you in knowing which phonics skills to teach your 1st grade child each week.

And at the bottom of this page you will have the option to print out free printable word shape puzzles that can go along with the words of each week.

Week 9

  1. can
  2. fan
  3. man
  4. pan
  5. plan
  6. ran
  7. tan
  8. than
  9. van
  10. with

Phonics Skills Introduced

The new phonics skills to teach your student this week are the:

  • consonant V
  • consonant digraph PL

Week 10

  1. in
  2. bin
  3. chin
  4. fin
  5. grin
  6. pin
  7. sin
  8. tin
  9. win
  10. find

Phonics Skills Introduced

This week you can teach your students about the:

  • consonant digraph CH

Week 11

  1. or
  2. for
  3. more
  4. have
  5. has
  6. was
  7. are
  8. our
  9. out
  10. about

Phonics Skills Introduced

Introduced this week is the:

  • silent E

Week 12

  1. one
  2. two
  3. to
  4. too
  5. number
  6. many
  7. write
  8. words
  9. come
  10. some

Language Skills Introduced

This week you could include supplemental instruction for your kids on:

  • silent consonants
  • difference between to, two, and too
  • “er” sound

1st Grade Word Shape Puzzles

I created some word shape puzzles that goes along with the spelling of each week. There’s one printable puzzle for each spelling week.

You can download the free 1st grade spelling worksheets pdf below. It includes an answer sheet to make checking the students work easy for the parents or teacher.

The Next Grade 1 Spelling Weeks

Here’s the link to go back to the master list of these first grade spelling words where you can download a .pdf of all 32 weeks.

To continue with the next 1st grade spelling weeks, see the links below: