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1st Grade Number 20 Worksheets

Here are some free printable grade 1 math worksheets for the number 20. The number 20 is the last number in this 0-20 math series.

A sports theme adds a little fun to these number 20 worksheets.

Kids will work on:

  • tracing and writing the digits of the number 20
  • writing “twenty” in words
  • place value with the number 20
  • before & after
  • even & odd
  • addition with number bonds to 20
  • subtraction using number lines
  • decomposing 20 into smaller groups

Number 20 Worksheets

This first coloring worksheet will introduce kids to place value of the number 20.

Students will group 20 soccer balls into groups of 10. This will help them visually see that 20 is made up of 2 groups of ten with no ones remaining.

Kids can also have some fun coloring the sports themed letters that spell “TWENTY”.

Coloring the letters will give them a lot of time to look at the individual letters that make up the word twenty. This will help them learn the spelling of the number almost effortlessly.

Afterwards, 1st graders can change things up with a bit of cut and paste. They will have the 6 letters that spell TWENTY, and they will need to unscramble and paste the letters in the correct order.

Free Grade 1 math printables. Number bonds of 20 with a sports theme; subtracting on a number line; place value; ten frames; odd and even; numbers before and after, and tracing the word twenty.

This next printable math activity will have students:

  • coloring ten frames
  • coloring a stain glass image of the number 20 to show whether 20 is an even or odd number
  • practice writing the number 20 and the numbers that come before and after 20
  • using number lines to answer subtraction questions
  • tracing and printing neatly the letters that spell twenty

Decomposing 20 Worksheet

The word problem of this printable asks kids to decompose or divide 20 balls evenly between the amount of kids playing at a gym.

Kids can put the sports balls into groups by circling them. This visual will help them answer the addition question, where they will solve the addends whose sum is 20.

Free Grade 1 math printables. Worksheets on the number 20 with a sports theme. Number bonds of 20, decomposing 20, and dividing 20 into equal groups.

Number Bonds to 20 Worksheet

This free number bonds to 20 worksheet uses a badminton theme. It will test kids knowledge of the bonds of 20.

Kids will need to write the missing number pair in each shuttlecock or birdie that will add up to 20. Addition or subtraction will help kids solve these number bonds.

Free Printable Grade 1 Math Worksheets

The number 20 worksheets can be downloaded free below. The pdf has 4 pages.

Also, if you’ve been doing other 1st grade math worksheets in this series, then you probably already have the letters that spell “TWENTY” your child will need for the cut and paste section of the first page. But if not they are included in the pdf.

What comes after 1-20 worksheets?

So your child has completed the whole math series up to 20 and you’re wondering what comes next?

Let me suggest working on addition strategies. Learning addition strategies will give your child some tricks and understanding to more easily master simple addition of numbers up to the sum of 20.

And if you’d like further worksheets for your child to practice number bonds from 4 to 20, you can try these free kite themed worksheets.


Monday 24th of June 2019

Wow! These worksheets are well planned and hands on. I will definitely try these out with my First Graders.