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Number Bonds to 5 Free Math Worksheets

Today we’re learning Kindergarten or Grade 1 math skills that revolve around the number five.  I made these number bonds worksheets for my daughter and now I’m sharing them with you.

These worksheets will include practice for:

  • learning the number bonds to 5
  • writing the number “five” in words
  • counting by 5’s
  • and more…

Number 5 Worksheets

These number 5 worksheets are ideal for kindergarteners. Kids will be coloring, cutting, pasting, and tracing with very minimal writing.

A black and white printable number 5 math worksheet activity. Kids can color the rabbit and carrot themed letters that spell the number word five and the number 5 in digits. There's a section to write the numbers before and after 5. And kids can trace and write the number 5 in digits, 5 different times. There's also a cutting and pasting section where kids take the letters that spell five, unscramble them and glue them to the worksheet.

The first number 5 activity will have kids:

  • trace and write the number 5
  • complete a before and after 5 section
  • color a rabbit in the shape of a number 5
  • color the number word 5 in a bunny eating a carrot shaped letters
  • find and spell the letters that make up the word five.

There’s a page included in the pdf that has the letters your child will need to spell the number word five.

You only need to print it out once and it’ll be good for all the number pair worksheets from zero to 10. If you cut the letters out and put them in a little ziplock bag, your child can pick the letters they need when they get to each number.

A black and white printable number 5 math coloring worksheet. There are 6 dice and kids are asked to color the dice that shows 5. There are also 5 hands each holding up a different amount of fingers. Kids need to color the hand showing 5 fingers. There's a number 5 image and kids need to color it pink if 5 is even and green if 5 is odd. There's also a section that helps parents or teachers discuss with a child the number pairs of 5.

With the second number 5 worksheet kids will be:

  • counting to 5 and coloring the dice and hand that shows 5 dots and fingers respectively
  • determine whether 5 is odd or even by coloring a 5 pink if even and purple if odd

Number Pairs of 5 Math Maze

Here’s a fun rabbit themed math worksheet that’s ideal for 1st graders.

It’s a math maze where kids will need to help the rabbit find its way to the carrot. The bunny can only eat hay whose sum is 5.

A black and white printable addition maze. There are 42 piles of hay each with a simple addition question. There's a bunny on one side and a carrot on the other. Children need to color the hay piles to help the bunny get to the carrot.

It’s a fun way to practice the number bonds of 5.

Skip Counting by 5 Worksheet

This next number 5 worksheet is a great introduction to skip counting by 5. There’s a 10 X 10 number chart where kids will color every 5th square yellow.

It will help them visually see the pattern that numbers divisible by 5 will have a 5 or a 0 in the ones column.

Then they’ll get to practice their new skills by counting by 5’s the fingers on 5 hands.

A black and white printable skip counting by 5 math worksheet.  There's a 100's chart where kids will color every 5th square yellow to learn to count by 5's.  Then kids are asked to count how many fingers there are on 5 hands.  They are asked to count by 5's.  They are also asked to color 5 circles in a 10 frame.  And there are 2 spots where kids will trace the number word five.

Then they’ll:

  • be introduced to what 5 looks like in a 10 frame
  • get to practice tracing the number word five.

Print Number Bonds to 5 Worksheets

A pdf with the number 5 worksheets can be downloaded free below.

It includes the letter tiles for your child to be able to glue the letters that spell FIVE on the first page.

I hope your children are enjoying math.  If you have any comments or suggestions for these worksheets, feel free to let me know.  Next we tackle all new fun math printables for the number six.

To begin at the beginning of this series, go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.


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