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Number Bonds to 6 Free Math Worksheets

Here are free printable number bonds to 6 worksheets.

The number bonds worksheets are focused on the number 6. Children will be:

  • learning the number bonds to 6
  • writing the number “six” in words
  • reviewing previously learned equations and more.
Fun Free Math Printables learning number bonds of 6, writing the word "six" and more

To begin at the beginning of this series, go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

Number Pairs of 6 Worksheets

free math printable: number bonds one thru six, and even or odd.

My daughter was able to fly through the math questions on the 2nd page. When she was at 4 + 2, she got her fingers out to add them up. I drew her attention to the number pair images above which helped her quickly see that the answer was 6. When she got to the last 4 subtraction questions, I again drew her attention away from her hands to the “cheat sheet” above and showed her how she can use it to find the answer.  I purposely put the number pairs above the questions for easy referral. I don’t think of it as cheating, I think of it as learning. The more time she spends studying it, the better in my opinion.

free math printable for young children - number bonds of six
free math printable - number bonds of 6 & learning to write in words the number six

Printable Number Bonds to 6 Worksheets

If you need to reprint the letter tiles for your child to be able to glue the letters that spell SIX on the first page, you can download them again here.

You can download the pdf of the worksheets below:

Come back next week for fun math printables of the number seven.


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