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Numbers in French Lesson Plan

There are so many available free online resources if you are trying to homeschool french.  I have scoured the internet and put together this lesson plan for your child to learn numbers in french.

Free online lesson plan to learn numbers in french. #learnfrench #fsl #numbersinfrench

Video’s Teaching The Numbers In French

Here are some great videos from a french teacher teaching:

numbers 0 to 9

numbers 10 to 19

numbers 20 to 29

numbers 30 to 39

numbers 40 to 49

numbers 50 to 59

numbers 60 to 69

numbers 70 to 79

numbers 80 to 89

numbers 90 to 99

Explanations are all in french, think of it as french immersion, but here’s a video for learning the french vocabulary for before, after, and between.  For example, what number is between 4 and 6?  Or what number comes before 7?

Free online lesson plan to learn numbers in french. Video's and online activities to add french to your homeschool. #learnfrench #fsl #numbersinfrench

Online Activities to Practice Numbers In French

Numbers 0 – 10

Numbers 1-10  Click on each of the 4 interactive tasks.

Kids will hear and see the french number word in this number activity, and they need to push down the correct amount of buttons.

0-10 dictation

  • Play the audio to hear the numbers.  It plays at a fairly decent pace.
  • Click each number as you hear it.
  • When the audio is complete, click on “Valider” to verify your answers.

Another audio dictation for 0-10.  This time the answers need to be typed.  Clicking TAB between numbers will bring you to the next box.

1-10 dictation

  • Click “Jouer”.
  • They can click on any speaker to hear the number in french.
  • Otherwise click “À toi de Jouer”.
  • Click a speaker and type the number you hear.
  • When everything is complete on the screen, click “Valider”.
  • Click on the arrow to go to the next page.
  • It’s finished when 30 questions are correct (or all the red are green).

Here’s 4 activities to learn and practice ordinal numbers from 1st to 10th.

“How old are you?” “I am 7 years old.”  One good way to practice numbers is learning how to say your age in french.  Click on any of the first 3 interactive tasks to work on this skill.

Numbers 10-20

Numbers 11-20 There are 5 interactive tasks to click on.

11-20 dictation – Listen and type the number.

10-20 dictationListen and click on the number.

Another 10-20 dictationListen and type the number.

Numbers 20-1000

A listen and click for:

A listen and type the number for:

I’m working on another lesson plan for learning to read and write french numbers in words.