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Human Body Parts In French Lesson Plan

Here’s a lesson plan I put together for kids to learn the body parts in French.  It’s part of my homeschool french series.

There’s a collection of videos, songs, worksheets and online activities to help kids learn the names of parts of the body in French.

A lesson plan to learn the body parts in french. Free online tutorials and activities for kids to learn french vocabulary for parts of the human body.

Videos to Learn Body Parts In French

Apprendre le corps humain – Best for younger children (2:13)

French vocabulary for parts of the head / face – a “Learn French With Alexa” video (9:07)

French vocabulary for parts of the body – a “Learn French With Alexa” video (5:42)

Children’s French Songs With Parts of The Human Body

Les parties du corps (2:29)

Savez-vous planter des choux? (1:43)

Tête, Épaules, Genoux et Pieds (2:27) french (robot) version of the classic “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”

Online Activities to Practice French Human Body Vocabulary

11 robot themed activities to practice vocabulary of the human body in French.  Some of the activities are best for kids that can spell / type the French body parts.  A lot of audio pronunciation which is good.

A hand activity with further vocabulary.  No audio tho.

A learn and then find activity.  Hover the mouse over any part of the body to hear the audio and see the word.  There’s a choice between beginner, intermediate, or advanced – each containing more vocabulary.  Once words are known, click on “listening challenge”.  You will hear a word and you need to click on the body part.  There’s also a skeleton and internal organs version and a Van Gogh face version.

Look at this image and then click on Test de Vocabulaire 1.  Drag the words to the correct number and click verify response when you think you have done it.  They also have a similar activity with additional body vocabulary, for the head, and the face.

A quick drag and drop of 7 body parts with audio.

Printable Worksheets

For various printable worksheets to help practice french human body vocabulary, see my post: French Body Parts Worksheets. It has crossword puzzles, word searches, cut and paste pages and more.

If you’d like to see more French lesson plans, check out my homeschool French series.


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