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Homeschool French

Are you an english speaking or FSL (french second language) parent and wish to add learning french to your elementary aged child’s homeschooling schedule?

To homeschool french as a FSL (French Second Language) parent can be a challenge, but let me assure you it is totally doable. Let me help make this possible for you, by sharing resources I have found.

French Homeschool Curriculum

Here are some ideas to help you choose french homeschool curriculum:

FSL Curriculum Ideas for Homeschooling Grade 1 or 2 French

Our 2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Elementary french 1 and french 2 online courses.

Free online french courses from A certificate or diploma is issued upon completion.

Homeschool French Curriculum For High School Or Older

French In Action, an instructional video series for high school, college and adult learners. It seems to only be available for residents of Canada or the United States.

French Lesson Plans

French Alphabet

Numbers in French

Colors In French

Body Parts In French

Learning French Verbs

French Verb Worksheets – Worksheets to help kids practice any french verb in any tense.

Grade 1 French Verbs – 6 verbs for kids to learn in their first year of french learning. There’s a free one page printable of these verbs in their conjugated form for easy reference.

Grade 2 French Verbs – The 2nd year of french learning has 10 verbs for kids to learn. This page includes a printable of the conjugated verbs.

French Spelling

Grade 3 French Spelling Words

How We Do 3rd Grade French Spelling

Decisions: Homeschooling? or Learning French at School?

A little bit about our personal journey of my daughter learning french and becoming bilingual, even tho she is from an english family:

How My Daughter Learned a Second Language

Why I Sent My Homeschooled Daughter to Public School

As we are in our 4th year of homeschooling french immersion, I will continue to share lesson plans and resources for both vocabulary and french phonics to help you in your journey.