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Grade 1 French Verbs

Are you interested in teaching your child french verbs? I will share with you six verbs you could add to your first year of french learning. They are the same six Grade 1 french verbs that french students learn in Québec Canada.

In first grade students learn the present tense of the verbs:

  1. avoir
  2. être
  3. aimer
  4. faire
  5. dire
  6. aller
French verbs to teach your child in their first year of french.  A free printable .pdf reference of the verbs in their conjugated form.

Parents, to help you in your quest to homeschool french, here is a free printable .pdf of these 6 verbs in their conjugated form. It will be a helpful reference when trying to teach these verbs to your children.

Avoir and Être

Avoir and être are without a doubt the two most important verbs to learn in french.

Avoir (to have)
Tu as
Il / elle a
Nous avons
Vous avez
Ils / elles ont

Être (to be)
Je suis
Tu es
Il / elle est
Nous sommes
Vous êtes
Ils / elles sont

The verb Aimer

The french verb “aimer” is a great third choice for first graders to learn. It means to love or to like.

In addition, the verb “aimer” is a regular ER verb, so after learning this verb, students will be able to easily learn other regular ER verbs as they all follow a certain pattern.

To conjugate ER verbs you first drop the ER:


And then add the correct ending.

1st person singular (je) add: e
2nd person singular (tu) add: es
3rd person singular (il / elle / on / qui) add: e
1st person plural (nous) add: ons
2nd person plural (vous) add: ez
3rd person plural (ils / elles) add: ent

Aimer (to like / to love)
Tu aimes
Il / elle aime
Nous aimons
Vous aimez
Ils / elles aiment

The Verb Faire

Faire (to do / to make)
Je fais
Tu fais
Il / elle fait
Nous faisons
Vous faites
Ils / elles font

The Verb Dire

Dire (to say / to tell)
Je dis
Tu dis
Il / elle dit
Nous disons
Vous dites
Ils / elles disent

The Verb Aller

Aller (to go)
Je vais
Tu vas
Il / elle va
Nous allons
Vous allez
Ils / elles vont

If you’d like some worksheets that are great for practicing these Grade 1 french verbs, you can download some free on my french verb worksheets page.