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French Verb Worksheet – Dire

Here is a free printable French verb worksheet for the verb dire in the present tense.

It has 10 fill in the blank sentences for students to conjugate the verb dire.

Each of the sentences of the French verb worksheet use winter themed vocabulary.

The French Verb Dire

In French the verb dire means “to say” or “to tell”.

It is one of the 6 verbs French students learn to conjugate in 1st grade.

To conjugate dire in the present tense:

Je dis
Tu dis
Il / elle dit
Nous disons
Vous dites
Ils / elles disent

Dire French Verb Worksheet

French learners will be able to practice conjugating the verb dire with 10 fill in the blank sentences.

It asks students:

Écris le verbe dire au présent pour compléter les phrases.

Winter Theme

In addition to a verb worksheet, it also doubles as a vocabulary worksheet for kids learning winter vocabulary in French.

All of the sentences use winter themed vocabulary.

Using the vocabulary in as many ways as possible will help children with learning the winter words in French. This worksheet provides an additional way to do that.

As an option, after completing the worksheet, you might wish to work with your student on reading each sentence aloud. After each sentence you could ask them to tell you what each sentence means.

This will help the English student learning French to be able to work on verb conjugations, vocabulary, reading, and comprehension.

The worksheet for conjugating the French verb dire in the present tense can be downloaded free below.

The 2 page pdf includes a page with the answers.

For those that wish, you can grab a free printable pdf of the verb dire in its conjugated form. It also includes five other 1st year verbs to learn. It will be a helpful reference when trying to teach these French verbs to your children.