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French Winter Crossword

French learners can work on their vocabulary with this printable French winter crossword puzzle.

The clues are in English, the answers are in French. The words are French Canadian / Quebec words.

This French vocabulary worksheet has 23 winter themed words for kids to learn.

The puzzle is free to download and print.

Printable winter themed crossword puzzle titled: L'hiver.  The French vocabulary worksheet has black and white images decorating the page that kids can color if they wish.  There's a drawing of a hill with snow covered fir trees, snowflakes, a shovel sticking out of snow, and a house in winter.  There are 23 clues down and across.  The clues are written in English, and the student needs to write the French translations into the puzzle.

Difficulty Level

This printable winter themed mots croisé is perfect for beginners or intermediate French learners.

It would be good for elementary students learning French or anyone that wants to practice or improve their French vocabulary.

There are 23 common winter words for kids to translate into French.

French Winter Words

Here is the French translation of the winter words used in the puzzle:

  1. winter – hiver
  2. season – saison
  3. snow – neige
  4. snowflake – flocon de neige
  5. icicle – glaçon
  6. cold – froid
  7. December – décembre
  8. January – janvier
  9. February – février
  10. coat – manteau
  11. hat – tuque
  12. scarf – foulard
  13. mittens – mitaines
  14. gloves – gants
  15. socks – bas
  16. boots – bottes
  17. sled – traîneau
  18. skate – patiner
  19. snowman – bonhomme de neige
  20. hot chocolate – chocolat chaud
  21. penguin – pingouin
  22. fir tree – sapin
  23. shovel (noun) – pelle

Printable Crossword Puzzle Pdf

You can download the winter themed French crossword puzzle below.

The free printable pdf includes an answer page.

French Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

Here is the answer key for this winter-themed French crossword puzzle. The answers are also included in the PDF.

A french winter-themed crossword puzzle answer key. The words across are: mitaines, traîneau, foulard, pingouin, bonhomme de neige, glaçon, patiner, pelle, and froid. The words down are gants, tuque, manteau, saison, flocon de neige, décembre, février, chocolat chaud, bottes, neige, sapin, hiver, bas, and janvier.

More winter crossword puzzles in French will be coming as soon as I can.