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Grade 3 French Spelling Words

Interested in homeschooling french for third grade? If so, you’re going to need to have a list of Grade 3 french spelling words.

I’ve talked to third grade teachers, I’ve done the research and I will share it all with you.

Official Grade 3 French Spelling Words

First, here’s a link to the official french spelling words for third graders to learn as decided by the Ministry of Education of Québec Canada. It’s a .pdf document of all the spelling words kids in french primary school need to learn by grade. It’s a 164 page document but I’ll save you some time and break it down:

If you want a complete list of all the french words to learn in all of the primary grades, you’ll find that on pages 9-33. Be careful, if you want to print this out, as the printing numbers will be different (pages 13-37).

You can find just the Grade 3 french spelling words on pages 40-43. If you wish to print this, print pages 44-47.

Weekly Grade 3 French Spelling Words

So now we got a list of french words for third grade in its entirety, now we need to break them up into weekly lists. I have several possibilities to suggest to save you the time of doing it yourself:

L’Orthographe au quotidien moi j’y tiens

The spelling plan that we are using was created by french public school teachers in Quebec. It’s called: “L’orthographe au quotidien moi j’y tiens”. They divide the words into 27 different lists.

I like their lists because they group the words logically by sounds or types of words. Also, they’ve created various printables to help kids learn the spellings. And they so generously have made them available freely for others to use on their website: Deux Profs, Une Passion.

All the spelling printables for third grade, that goes along with their lists, you will find under “3e année” (3rd grade), by clicking on “Télécharger” for each document you wish to download.

You will find just the words of each list:

  • under “Mots de vocabulaire 3e année“.

The words of each list along with some exercises to go with each list:

  • under “Exercices 3e année mise à jour septembre 2016 

If you’d like answer sheets to help you correct the above exercises:

  • under “Corrigé des exercices 3e année 

There are word searches and crossword puzzles available to practice the words for each list:

  • Mots cachés 3e année
  • Entrecroisés 3e année

There’s also some helpful study sheets for each list. They are especially helpful to I guess you could say to dissect each word. You can find them:

  • under “Feuilles d’étude 3e année 

And as options for dictation, check out:

Here’s a link if you’re interested in printing the words in flashcard form for your child to first learn to read these words.

36 Week Plan From a Quebec School Board

Another option is a 36 week plan from one Quebec school board. It groups the words by phonetic sounds, allowing for 9 weeks of revision throughout the 36 weeks.

Here are some accompanying worksheets:

It’s not really spelling related, but if you wish to follow this spelling plan, you might be interested in some sentence type dictations and some reading comprehension worksheets that’s loosely based on the weekly words.

French Curriculum Spelling Lists

My last option I will suggest, probably will not work for the majority of my readers, but I will mention it anyways.

A popular french language curriculum many third grade classes are using in french public schools in Quebec is called Zig Zag. The curriculum has a list of 15 weekly spelling words for a total of 30 weeks. The words are themed words that follow the theme and vocabulary of the curriculum.

If you do choose to use the words from Zig Zag, here is an online resource for dictating these words weekly.

If you don’t live in Quebec, it might be difficult to obtain the Zig Zag curriculum. I’m mentioning it anyways because if you are using any third grade french language curriculum designed for french as a first language students, you might want to see if it has a list of spelling words included that follows its curriculum.

Check out my other resources to help you homeschool french.