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Space & Planets Word Scramble Puzzles

Here are some free printable word scrambles to help kids practice spelling of space themed words. There’s a planets word scramble worksheet and a space word scramble.

Planets Word Scramble Worksheet

A good worksheet for kids to work on learning to spell the names of the 8 planets in our solar system is a word scramble. Students will need to unscramble the jumbled letters of the planet names.

Afterwards, kids will get to practice their knowledge of the order of the planets. The worksheet asks them to write all 8 planets in the order they are located starting with the planet closest to the sun.

Space Word Scramble

The space word scramble has 12 space themed words for kids to unscramble.

Difficulty Level

The jumbled words of both word scramble puzzles are mostly 5th grade spelling words. They are from the space themed 5th grade spelling list.

Three of the scrambled words are from the third grade spelling words and two of them are from the 2nd grade spelling words.

For 5th grade students, these printable puzzles will help them learn their 5th grade spelling list as it will give them a lot of practice working with the letters that make up each word.

Free Printable Space Word Scrambles

Both outer space word scrambles can be downloaded free below. The pdf also includes an answer sheet to make life easier for teachers and homeschooling parents.