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5th Grade Winter Word Search

Looking for a relaxing, educational activity for kids to do during a cold winter’s day? How about a winter word search? You can grab a free copy of this printable 5th grade winter word search.

The puzzle is a fun indoor activity for those cold snowy days of the winter season.

It can be easily printed from your home or classroom printer.

Winter word search for grade 5.  Free printable 5th grade winter word search with answer page included. A relaxing educational activity for kids.

When I was a kid, I loved doing word searches. I found it relaxing and allowed me to tune out the rest of the world for a few minutes.

The parent in me loves that they are also an educational activity. As the child is focusing on and searching for the letters that make up each word, they are naturally and inadvertently working on spelling.

Difficulty Level

With medium difficulty, it would be perfect for upper elementary aged students, especially 5th graders.

This winter word search has 21 winter words for kids to find and circle in a 17 X 17 grid of uppercase letters.

15 of the words are from our winter themed grade 5 spelling list. The other 6 words are a mix of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade words.

The words are hidden in every direction – horizontally, vertically, and diagonally: forwards or backwards.

Optional Coloring Activity

For kids that enjoy colouring, there’s some fun images that 5th graders or other elementary aged children might enjoy doing while working on the word search.

There’s a cute penguin and a bird to color. Both are wearing winter hats and dressed for winter.

Free printable winter themed 5th grade word search with answers included. #winter #grade5 #wordsearch #treevalleyacademy

Free to Download & Print

You can download a free printable copy of this winter word search below.

The pdf includes an extra page for the answers.

More Winter Word Puzzles

Here are some more fun free printable winter word puzzles:

Winter Word Search Answer Key

Here are the answers for this winter solstice word search. The words are color-coded to help you find any word fast.

The answers for a winter word search puzzle. The words are color-coded to make it quick and easy to find any word. The answer key shows where all 21 hidden words hide in a 17 X 17 grid of uppercase letters.

You can find more printable winter word searches here.