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Winter Word Searches

A winter word search is a fun indoor activity for kids to do during the cold and snowy days of winter.

Here you will find 3 winter themed word searches for kids with varying levels of difficult: easy, medium and hard.

The printable winter activities are all free to download and print and includes an answer key.

Easy Winter Word Search

The first puzzle is an easy winter word search. It would be perfect for elementary children in 1st or 2nd grade.

Free printable easy winter word search for kids with 20 hidden words for kids to find and circle.  There's also a picture children can color of a little boy enjoying the fun of the winter season.  He's bundled up in winter clothing with a pile of snowballs, standing in front of a snowman.

The printable word search has 20 hidden words for kids to find and circle.

The words can be found horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Since this is an easy word search for younger kids, all the words are forward facing, or reading direction. None of the words are backwards or upside down.

A word search is a fun way for kids to work on spelling of winter words. This puzzle has words like:

  • snow
  • forts
  • coat
  • frozen
  • sled
  • snowman

You can download it free below.

Winter Word Search – Medium

This next winter time word search would be great for students of all ages. Kids will get to seek and find 24 winter words.

Free printable winter word search for kids.  This medium level word puzzle has 24 hidden winter words for kids to find and circle.  Kids can also color an image of a little boy on a sled.

The words to find are some of the fun activities and items of the winter season. Words like:

  • hockey
  • hot chocolate
  • skates
  • skiing
  • snow angels
  • snowball
  • snowboard
  • toboggan

The hidden words can be found in any possible direction: horizontally, vertically, diagonally – forwards, backwards, or upside down.

Hard Winter Word Search

For kids that prefer a challenge, you can print them a copy of this difficult winter word search.

Free printable hard winter word search for kids.  35 hidden winter words will be tough for kids to find in the 20 X 22 letter grid. There are some images on the page for kids to color: a snowman on skates with a puck and a hockey stick, gloves, skates, a winter hat and scarf.

The word puzzle has 35 hidden winter themed words kids will need to hunt for in a 20 X 22 grid of letters.

The words are hidden in all possible directions.

The word search is a good way to work on both spelling and wintertime vocabulary. Kids might not know the meaning of some of the listed words, and could be encouraged to look up the definitions of words they are unsure of. Words like:

  • blizzard
  • flannel
  • flurries
  • frigid
  • longjohns
  • solstice

A relaxing activity, the puzzle also has some winter images kids can enjoy coloring.

Winter word search puzzles that print in black and white for kids. Each puzzle has winter words to find and winter images to decorate the page.

Printable Winter Word Searches For Kids

You can download all 3 free printable winter word searches below. The pdf includes answers.

4 More Winter Word Searches

Here are a few more printable winter word searches your children might appreciate.

They are perfect for kids to enjoy during the winter holidays or for any of those cold days when you need an easy print and go indoor activity.

  1. an easy winter word search for kindergarten or preschool children
  2. a 1st grade winter word search
  3. a free winter word search for 3rd grade students
  4. 5th grade word search with a winter theme

More Winter Word Puzzles

And here are some more fun winter themed word puzzles for kids:

Winter Word Searches Answer Keys

Having trouble finding a word? No worries, I’ve added color coded answer keys below to help.

Easy Winter Word Search Answer Key

A color coded easy winter word search answer key.

Answer Key for the Medium Winter Word Search

A color coded winter word search answer key.

Difficult Winter Word Search Answer Key

A color coded difficult winter word search answer key.

You can find even more fun printable winter activities for kids here.


Tuesday 20th of December 2022

I love it!

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

Where is the downloadable pdf?

Melanie Thomas

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

Near the bottom, under the heading, "Printable Winter Word Searches For Kids", you will see a blue box. If for some reason you don't see a blue box under that header, try reloading your page. But in the blue box, after entering your email address, and clicking on the button "Join our community..." the pdf will open automatically. From there you can choose to download and / or print.


Monday 14th of February 2022

I LOVED the word search!


Tuesday 13th of December 2022

@Paula, Me too sista!! My grandbabies loved it! God bless yall and Merry Christmas to yall!