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Winter Fill In Puzzles

Here are some free printable winter fill in puzzles for kids.

Word fill in puzzles are great for those cold winter days, when you want a quick and easy no prep indoor activity for kids to do. Just download and print.

The first puzzle uses winter weather and winter clothing vocabulary.

And the second puzzle focuses more on fun winter activities and common words you’d associate with winter.

Both puzzles also have some winter images that kids can color, if they enjoy coloring.

Fill In Word Puzzles

A fill in puzzle is a type of word puzzle that is very similar to a crossword puzzle. But instead of trying to find the answer to a clue, the fill in puzzle gives the words to put in the puzzle.

The challenge is figuring out where to put them. All the words need to fit in the puzzle.

The words are sorted by the amount of letters in each word. A 3 letter word can only be put in a spot that will hold 3 letters, and a 12 letter word a 12 letter spot.

Fill in word puzzles can be quite enjoyable to do. I loved doing them when I was a kid.

They are also educational, as they can help kids improve their logic skills, spelling and vocabulary.

Winter Weather & Winter Clothes

The first winter fill in puzzle has 33 winter words for kids to fit in.

Free printable winter fill in word puzzle for kids.  33 winter themed words (winter clothing and winter weather vocabulary) for kids to fit in the puzzle.  The words to fit in are 3 to 9 letter words and 12 letters.

There are 3 letter words all the way to 9 letter words, and also a 12 letter word.

Some of the words to fit in are winter clothing vocabulary. Words like:

  • hat
  • coat
  • boots
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • jacket
  • flannel
  • mittens
  • sweater
  • snowsuit
  • longjohns

There are also items we use to help us get warm in the winter:

  • fireplace
  • heater
  • hot cocoa

The remaining words are winter weather vocabulary. Words like:

  • freezing rain
  • snowstorm
  • blizzard
  • flurries
  • slush
  • snowy
  • sleet, etc.

To help kids learn weather vocabulary including winter weather, check out this printable weather glossary for kids.

Winter Time Fill In Puzzle

This next printable fill it in puzzle uses winter themed words that represent all the fun things kids love about winter.

Winter activities like:

  • sledding
  • hockey
  • skiing
  • making a snowman, snow forts, snowballs and snow angels
  • tobogganing
  • and drinking hot chocolate.

There are 32 winter words for kids to fit in the puzzle. There are 3 letter words to 9 letters, and a 12 letter.

It would be perfect puzzle for kids about to go have or during the December holidays.

Free Printable Winter Word Puzzle

The winter fill in puzzles are free to download, and can be accessed below.

The 3 page pdf contains 2 winter puzzles and an answer sheet.

You will be able to choose to download or save the pdf to your computer, or print the puzzles out directly.

More Winter Word Puzzles

If you’d like more word puzzles for kids to enjoy during their winter break, check out our collection of word puzzles.

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