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Winter Crossword Puzzles

Here are some fun winter crossword puzzles for kids.

The free printable crossword puzzles are fun and educational! And they’re an easy print-and-go activity to give the kids during the cold and snowy days of winter.

Kids won’t even realize they will be working on their vocabulary and spelling of winter themed words.

There are 3 winter crossword puzzles with varying levels of difficult: easy, medium and hard. They are perfect for kids around third grade all the way to middle school.

The all free to download and print and the pdf includes answer keys.

Easy Winter Crossword Puzzle

This easy crossword puzzle is perfect for children around 3rd grade.

A printable winter themed crossword puzzle for kids. There are 10 clues across and 9 clues down for kids to solve. The black and white printable puzzle is decorated with lots of snowflakes and a cute winter snowball character that kids can have fun coloring. The snowball character is wearing earmuffs, boots, and mittens, and trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

The words to solve are the winter themed 3rd grade spelling words and previously learned spelling words.

The 19 clues are simple and as easy as possible for beginners to solve. The challenge for kids will be spelling all the words correctly. It’s a fun 3rd grade spelling activity.

Medium Winter Crossword Puzzle

Students working on the winter themed grade 5 spelling list will especially benefit as all of the words on their list are included in this next puzzle.

The puzzle has 27 words to solve. Most of the clues are definitions, making this a fun vocabulary and spelling worksheet.

A printable winter crossword puzzle for kids with 14 clues across and 13 clues down to solve. The black and white printable puzzle is decorated with cute winter images kids can color. There's a sled, snowballs, mittens, a snowflake, a snow shovel, and a winter hat.

Middle School Winter Crossword Puzzle

This next puzzle is a little more advanced and probably best suited for grade 6 and middle school students.

A black and white printable winter crossword puzzle for older kids with 12 clues across and 11 clues down to solve. The printable word puzzle is decorated with cute skiing images that can be coloured. There's pictures of snow covered evergreen trees and a boy and a girl skiing.

The vocabulary will be a little more challenging. There will be words like blizzard, squalls, sleet, flurries, and slopes.

The winter words of the winter and weather themed 6th grade spelling list are included in this puzzle.

The puzzle has 23 clues to solve.

Download and Print

All 3 of the printable winter crossword puzzles can be downloaded free below.

The pages are black and white making it economical to print. The cute images decorating each puzzle can be coloured if kids wish to do so.  

The 6 page pdf includes:

  • 3 winter themed crossword puzzles
  • an answer page for each puzzle

More Winter Word Puzzles for Kids

Here are some more fun winter word puzzles for kids. They are perfect to pull out during the winter holidays or any of those cold days when you need an easy print and go indoor activity:

Answer Keys for the Winter Crossword Puzzles

Having trouble figuring out a word? No worries, you can take a peak at the answers below.

Easy Crossword Answer Key

Here is the answer key for the beginner winter crossword puzzle:

Answer key for a kid's printable winter crossword puzzle. The words across are: snow, ski, cold, freeze, boots, snowball, deep, winter, ice, and skating. The words down are: white, coat, below, hat, sled, slip, snowman, skates, and icy.

Medium Crossword Answer Key

The answer key for the 5th grade winter crossword puzzle can be found below.

A winter crossword puzzle answer key. The words across are: snowsuit, scarf, luge, snowboard, penguin, plow, gloves, solstice, slush, December, mittens, season, frozen, and shiver. The words down are: jacket, iceberg, hat, sled, igloo, snowflake, cold, sweater, ice, skis, shovel, frost, and skiing.

Middle School Crossword Answer Key

And here is the answer key for the more advanced winter crossword puzzle:

A winter crossword puzzle answer key. The words across are: frost, slopes, chill, snowbird, squalls, fort, frostbite, blizzard, icicle, storm, rink, and toboggan. The words down are: sleet, sleigh, flurries, black, slippery, forecast, hibernate, downhill, coat, numb, and snowman.

Looking for more fun and educational indoor winter activities? Check out some of these free winter printables for kids.

Sasha T

Friday 24th of February 2023

I just gave this crossword to foreign students.


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

Puzzle sheets for children. Very interesting logic games for kids. We play with the child all the way, develop the logic of the child. Solving Sudoku, solving puzzles, riddles, what is interesting to the child and develops his logic and reveals his abilities and mastering other subjects and skills.