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Arctic Animals Color By Number

Download a free copy of 7 color by number printables of arctic animals.

The color by number worksheets are fun for kindergarten or preschool children. It will give kids a lot of practice identifying the numbers 1-5.

7 color by number worksheets of arctic animals for kindergarten or preschoolers. There's a coloring page of an orca, arctic fox, narwhal, polar bear, walrus, moose and a penguin. Helps kids practice identifying the numbers 1-5.

There are 7 different arctic animals coloring pages. You can download them all free below. There’s a:

  1. penguin
  2. walrus
  3. polar bear
  4. arctic fox
  5. moose
  6. narwhal
  7. orca (also known as killer whale)

Preschool Easy Color by Number Worksheet 1-3

The easiest color by number worksheet is a coloring page of an orca.

It is perfect for pre-k children. It’s a fun coloring worksheet to help kids learn to identify the numbers 1-3.

Color by Number 1-4 Coloring Pages

There are two printable color by number pages that will give preschoolers or kindergarten students number recognition practice of the numbers 1-4. They are the adorable narwhal and the polar bear.

A narwhal is a type of whale that lives in the Arctic waters.

1-5 Color By Number Worksheets for Kindergarten

Kindergarten children can practice recognizing the numbers 1-5 and have fun coloring with these coloring worksheets:

  1. arctic fox
  2. moose
  3. walrus
  4. penguin

Penguins do not live in the arctic but are still a cute winter animal.

Printable Color By Number Math Worksheets

The color by number printables can be downloaded free below.

The downloadable pdf includes all 7 arctic animals.

Another fun and educational winter activity sheet for children is this kindergarten winter word search.