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Spring Animals Fill In Puzzle

Here is a free printable word fill in puzzle for kids with a spring animals theme. Kids will love this fun printable springtime activity.

A fill-in puzzle is a fun printable game kids can play by themselves. The challenge is to fit all of the words into the puzzle.

Spring is the season of new beginnings in nature, and the birth of many baby animals. Therefore, the theme of this word puzzle are some of the wildlife and baby animals common during spring in North America.

A printable spring and animal themed word fill in puzzle for kids.  The words are wildlife or baby animals commonly seen or associated with the spring months in North America. This fill in word puzzle has 36 words for kids to fit in the puzzle.  It's free to download and print and the pdf includes answers.  It's a fun printable game kids can play by themselves. There's an image of a dog, bird and a frog on the puzzle page that kids have the option to color.

The printable puzzle has images of a frog, dog, and bird, that kids can color if desired.

Difficulty Level

This fill in word puzzle is probably most suited for ages 9 and up. 

It’s an intermediate level puzzle. It’s fun and not difficult, but there is some challenge since there are no number groups with only one word. 

This animals in spring themed fill in puzzle has 36 words for kids to fit in the puzzle.

This puzzle has 4 letter words up to 11 letter words.

How To Solve A Fill In Puzzle

Each word is grouped by how many letters the word contains. So a 7 letter word can only be placed in a spot meant for 7 letters. The challenge is getting all the words to fit.

To do this kids will need to try to find letters that are common between 2 intersecting words.

For example, if I was starting this puzzle, I might start with an 8 letter word, since there’s only two of them. I find a set of boxes that has 8 spots.

I notice that the 5th letter of one of the 8 letter word needs to be the same as the 3rd letter of a 6 letter word. The 5th letter of the 8 letter word is either B or O. I look at the 3rd letter of all the 6 letter words to see if any have a B or O. I see two words with a B, none with an O.

This tells me the 8 letter spot I am looking at is for the word “ladybugs”. I can’t narrow down the 6 letter word quite yet since there are 2 possibilities. But having the word ladybugs in the puzzle will help me try and figure out the other 6 letter word attached to it.

I continue like this until I succeed in getting all the words in the puzzle.

Click here for more detailed steps on solving a fill in puzzle.

Free Printable Word Fill In Puzzles

The spring animal themed word puzzle for kids can be downloaded below.

It’s free. And the pdf includes an answer page.

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Answer Key

Here is the answer key for this spring animals word puzzle:

The answer key for a spring animals fill in word puzzle.


Friday 16th of February 2024

Is there a place where I can buy or download all of your fill-in puzzles? My students love them and I'm having a hard time finding many other options besides yours. Thank you for sharing!!!

Melanie Thomas

Friday 16th of February 2024

Hi Jill, glad to hear your students are enjoying them. I plan to make more of these. Any fill-in puzzles I create can be found at this link: