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Earth Day Fill In Puzzle

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with a printable fill in puzzle ideal for students around 6th grade.

The word puzzle is free to download and print. It makes an educational and fun indoor Earth Day activity.

A one page printable Earth Day fill in word puzzle for kids.  There are 35 words for kids to fit in the puzzle.  There are 4 letter words all the way up to 13 letter words.  Vocabulary like climate change, reduce, pollution, conservation, reusable bags, ecology, lights & compost. Free downloadable pdf includes answers.

About This Fill In Puzzle

This printable fill in word puzzle has 35 Earth Day vocabulary words about helping and protecting the environment. Words like:

  • biodegradable
  • compost
  • conservation
  • ecology
  • environment
  • oceans
  • recycle

This Earth Day puzzle has 4 letter words all the way up to 13 letter words.

This word puzzle complements the 6th grade Earth Day themed spelling list as 12 of its words are included in this puzzle. The majority of the remaining words are previously learned spelling words of earlier grades. That makes this puzzle a perfect spelling activity for grade 6 students.

How to Do a Fill in Puzzle

A fill in puzzle is similar to a crossword puzzle except instead of being given a clue, the puzzle’s words are given from the start. The challenge is fitting all the given words into the puzzle.

The words of the puzzle are organized based on the number of letters.

A 5 letter word can only be written in a word box meant for 5 letters. And so that all the puzzle’s words can fit in, usually there is only one spot that will work for each word.

Free Printable Earth Day Word Fill In Puzzle

You can download and print a free copy of this Earth Day fill in word puzzle below. The pdf includes an answer page.

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