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Earth Day Crossword

Here’s a free printable Earth Day crossword puzzle. A fun, no-prep Earth Day activity!

It’s ideal for upper elementary kids. Students will test their knowledge of things we can all do to help protect our planet, while enjoying a fun crossword puzzle.

A black and white printable Earth Day crossword puzzle for upper elementary students around 5th grade. The puzzle has 8 clues down and 8 clues across. The printable Earth Day word puzzle is decorated with images of a recycling bin, the Earth, and a girl carrying a recycling bin. The images can be colored.

Difficulty Level

The crossword puzzle was designed with upper elementary students in mind.  

Many of the puzzle’s words are 5th grade spelling words, making this a great spelling and vocabulary activity for 5th graders.

The crossword puzzle has 16 clues to solve.

Printable Earth Day Crossword

The Earth Day crossword puzzle can be downloaded free below.

The PDF includes a page with the answers.

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Answer Key

Here is the answer key for this Earth Day crossword:

Answer key for a printable Earth Day crossword puzzle. The words across are walk, bees, bags, chemicals, air, April, decompose, garbage, and Earth. The words down are lights, batteries, electricity, transportation, wind, compost, volunteer, extinct, and boxes.

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