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Farm Animals Coloring Pages

Here are some free printable farm animal coloring pages for kids.

Preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary children only need some crayons and a printed coloring page.

There are pictures of 8 adorable farm animals to choose from:

  1. pig
  2. chicken
  3. duckling
  4. pony
  5. baby cow
  6. rabbit
  7. goat
  8. baby sheep

Pig In Mud Coloring Page

Kids can have fun coloring this adorable muddy pig standing in a mud puddle.

A printable muddy pig coloring page for kids. The cute pig is standing in a mud puddle. There's also grass, a fence, bushes and trees and a sky to color.

Chicken Coloring Page

This printable chicken coloring page has a barn, grass and some flowers to color.

A printable chicken on a farm coloring page for kids. The chicken is standing in front of a barn, in an area with grass, and flowers.

Duckling Coloring Page

Here’s an adorable baby duck coloring page.

A printable duckling coloring page for kids. The baby duck is standing on the dirt ground. There are also rocks, grass, a mountain, and a sky to color.

Pony Coloring Page

Whether kids think this is a baby horse or a pony, this barnyard animal will be fun to color.

A printable pony coloring page. The pony is standing on grass. There's a fenced pen behind the pony, clouds, and

Cartoon Baby Cow Coloring Page

Preschoolers can have fun coloring this cartoon calf on a farm.

A printable baby cow coloring page for kids to color. The cartoon baby calf is standing in a dirt path in the middle of fenced in areas.

Rabbit Coloring Page

Rabbits are a common sight on any farm. This printable coloring page has a bunny, a barn, and fence to color.

A printable bunny coloring page for kids. The cute rabbit is standing on its back legs with its ears standing straight up. There's also grass, bushes, sky, fence, and a barn to color.

Goat Coloring Page

And here’s a coloring page of a baby goat.

A printable baby goat coloring page for kids. The cute goat has big eyes and 2 horns. The goat is standing in a fenced area with grass.

Baby Sheep Coloring Page

This cute lamb has nice big eyes and an adorable little nose.

A printable lamb coloring page for kids. The cute baby sheep is standing on grass.

Printable Farm Animals Coloring Pages

The animal coloring pages are free to download and print.

The PDF has 8 different coloring pages for kids to choose from.

More Farm Animal Printables

Here are some more fun farm animal printables for kids: