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Easy Farm Word Search

Here is an easy farm word search for kids.

The free printable word search has 16 farm words to find including 7 farm animal words.

Ideal for children around 6 or 7 years old. It’s a fun way for them to work on spelling of farm themed words, as they will be focused on the individual letters that make up each word.

The black and white puzzle also has some cute barnyard friends to color.

A black and white printable farm word search for kids. The easy word search puzzle has 16 farm words hidden in a 12 X 14 grid of uppercase letters. The puzzle is decorated with farm images kids can color. There's a picture of a hen, hay, a pig, a sheep, a barn, and a farmer holding a pitch fork.

Skill Level

This is an easy farm word search. It’s perfect for younger children around 1st or 2nd grade.

The beginner level puzzle has 16 hidden farm words to find and circle.

The words are 1st or 2nd grade spelling words. It includes all the words from the farm themed spelling list of the 2nd grade.

Children will be looking for the words in a 12 X 14 grid of uppercase letters.

They are hidden horizontally and vertically but not diagonally. They will be found in the direction easiest to read: forward facing. There are no words that are upside down or backwards to make it easier to find.

Download and Print

The free printable farm word search is free to download.

The pdf includes an answer page to make things easy.

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Farm Word Search Answer Key

If your child has trouble finding a word, you can use this answer key to help you see where the word is. It saves you time having to look for the word yourself.

Then, you can help your child find the word, perhaps giving them a clue.

The answer key has colors to help you find the word quickly.

A color-coded answer key for an easy farm word search. The 2nd grade puzzle has 16 hidden words in a 12 X 14 grid of uppercase letters.