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How to Draw A Wasp

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to draw a wasp in 10 easy steps.

A free pdf with the simple instructions are also available for download and print.

Grab your pencil and paper and we’re going to draw the flying insect from its top view.

Step 1: Draw the Head

Begin by drawing a small oval for the head.

Draw a small oval for the wasp's head.

Step 2: Draw the Thorax

Add the thorax.

Draw the wasp's thorax, under its head.

Step 3: Draw the Abdomen

The wasp’s abdomen is below the thorax. The curve shape ends in a point where the stinger would be.

Draw the wasp's abdomen below its thorax. The curved shape ends in a point where the stinger would be.

Step 4: Draw 2 Wings

The wasp’s wings attach to the middle of its thorax.

Each wing is composed of a larger forewing and a smaller hindwing.

The wasp's wings are attached to its thorax. Each wing is composed of a larger forewing and a smaller hindwing. Draw each wing in the middle of the thorax. Each wing looks sort of like a distorted glove with the thumb pointed downwards.

Step 5: Draw 2 Front Legs

Between each wing and head, draw a leg from the thorax.

The legs should not go too far past the front of the head.

Draw 2 short legs from the wasp's thorax. The 2 legs should not go too far past its head.

Step 6: Draw 4 Back Legs

Next, draw the two longer legs from the thorax.

And a shorter leg can be drawn from behind each wing.

Draw 2 longer back legs from the wasp's thorax. Draw 2 shorter legs, 1 behind each wing.

Step 7: Draw Detail on the Wings

There’s a variety of ways to draw the detail. We are drawing it with 3 curved lines:

  1. Draw an arc inside each wing. Begin from the edge of the thorax (about a third of the way down the wing span) to the front of the wing.
  2. Draw a curved line from the arc you just drew to the outside edge of the wing.
  3. From that line, draw another curved line to the point where the 2 sections of the wing meet.
Draw 3 curved lines inside each wing of the wasp to add the wing's details.

Step 8: Draw the Antennae

Draw 2 downward arcs at the top of the wasp’s head.

To draw the wasp's antennae, draw 2 downward arcs coming out of the top of its head.

Step 9: Draw 2 Eyes

To draw the wasp’s eyes, on the left and right side of the wasp’s head, draw an outward facing arc on each side.

To draw the wasp's eyes, draw 2 arcs on the right and left side of its head.

Step 10: Draw Stripes on the Abdomen

Draw around 4 curved lines on the abdomen, for the stripes.

drawing stripes on the abdomen of a wasp

How to Draw a Wasp Downloadable PDF

A free printable one page pdf with the step by step instructions is available for download below.

How to draw a wasp easy step by step instructions. 7 simple steps.

Grab it here:

Or here. The PDF will be sent to your email.

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