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Preschool Earth Day Color by Number

Enjoy these free printable Earth Day color by number coloring pages for preschoolers and kindergarten. It’s an easy no-prep Earth Day activity.

All that’s needed is some crayons and a printout of one of these printable color-by-numbers. There are 8 printable Earth Day coloring pages for kids to choose from. There’s a picture of:

  1. a recycling symbol
  2. a wind turbine
  3. a hand holding dirt and a seedling plant
  4. a reusable shopping bag
  5. a lightbulb
  6. the Earth
  7. a garbage can
  8. a faucet with a drop of water coming out of it
8 free printable preschool Earth Day color by number coloring pages. Kids can color a picture of a reusable shopping bag, a lightbulb, the recycling symbol, the Earth, a garbage can, a wind turbine, a faucet with a water drop, and a hand holding dirt and a seedling.

This preschool Earth Day activity will allow children to:

  • have fun coloring
  • learn ways they can help the Earth
  • and practice early math skills of number recognition of the numbers 1 to 7.

Color by Number 1-4

The easiest color by number is the recycling sign coloring page. Kids will only practice the numbers 1 to 4.

A printable preschool Earth Day recycling color by number 1-4 coloring page.

Color by Number 1-5

Little learners can practice their numbers from 1 to 5 with one of these fun coloring pages. And they can learn about:

  • a renewable source of energy like wind from a wind turbine
  • growing plants from seeds and then planting the seedlings
  • using reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags
3 printable preschool Earth Day color by number coloring pages. Each printable has numbers from 1-5. There's a picture of a windmill, a hand holding dirt and a sprouting plant, and a reusable shopping bag.

Color by Number 1-6

This lightbulb color by number will have preschoolers:

  • learning about turning of lights, and conserving electricity
  • identifying the numbers 1 to 6.
A free printable preschool Earth Day color by number 1-6 coloring page of a light bulb.

Color by Number 1-7

Kindergarten students can practice number recognition of numbers 1 to 7 while learning about:

  • conserving water
  • not littering and putting trash in the garbage
  • taking care of our Earth
3 printable preschool Earth Day color by number 1-7 coloring pages. There's a picture of a faucet with a drop of water, a garbage can, and the Earth.

Print the Earth Day Color By Numbers

The preschool Earth Day color by numbers are free to download and print.

The 9 page PDF has 8 coloring pages and an answer page that will show how each page should look when fully colored.

Kindergarten Earth Day Activity

Here’s an idea to continue the learning after students have finished coloring their pictures.

Divide kids into small groups with other children who have colored the same picture as them.

Have each group do a mini show and tell. Kids can show their finished coloring pages, and briefly tell the class what their picture shows and a sentence or 2 on what we need to do to help take care of the Earth.

More Earth Day Coloring Pages

Kids of all ages can have fun coloring these 9 printable Earth Day bookmarks.