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Bossy R Word Search: AR & UR Words

Looking for a bossy R worksheet? Try this free printable bossy R word search with AR & UR words for children to find.

A kids word search is a fun way for kids to learn about these R controlled vowels.

An R controlled vowel, otherwise known as a bossy R, is when the letter R controls the vowel ahead of it to make a new sound.

The bossy R word search can be downloaded free below.

Free printable bossy R word search for kids around 2nd grade.  The word puzzle focuses on the phonics sound of R controlled vowels AR & UR.  There are 15 hidden words for kids to find.  Skill level is easy and the letters are large print.  It's black and white.

Skill Level

This is an easy beginner level word search.

Kids learn about bossy R words in grades 1 and 2. This word puzzle would be best suited for early elementary students around 6 or 7 years old.

The large print word puzzle has 15 hidden bossy R words for kids to find and circle.

The words are only hidden horizontally and vertically. There are no diagonal words. All the words are forward facing, in the direction easiest to read. There are no backwards words.

Bossy R Words

The bossy R word search has AR and UR words for kids to search for.

AR Words

There are 9 hidden AR words:

  1. barn
  2. car
  3. dark
  4. farm
  5. jar
  6. march
  7. park
  8. sharp
  9. star

UR Words

6 UR words to find:

  1. burn
  2. curl
  3. hurt
  4. purse
  5. turn
  6. urban

Bossy R Worksheet

This word search would be a fun spelling activity for 2nd graders learning bossy R phonics sounds.

The hidden words are mostly grade 2 spelling words with some 1st grade words.

Kids that are learning the AR & UR spelling words of this grade 2 spelling list, all 10 words are included in this puzzle, making this a fun worksheet to help kids learn these words.

One possibility is to have the kids focus on only finding the words of the R controlled vowel you are learning at the time.

So for example, the day they are learning about AR words, they could search for just the AR words of the puzzle. And they could search for the UR words at another time when learning about the UR phonics sound.

Download & Print

The bossy R word search with AR & UR words can be downloaded below.

The print and go word search pdf includes an answer page.

There’s also a printable R controlled vowels word search with ER, IR & OR words.

Answer Key

If you need to help a child with the word search, here is a color coded answer key you might find helpful. It will help you see where the words are so you can focus on helping them and not have to look for the words.

A color coded answer key for a bossy R word search. The easy 2nd grade puzzle has 9 hidden AR and 6 UR words to find. The words are hidden in a 12 X 14 grid of uppercase letters.