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Campfire Fill In Puzzle

Looking for some fun camping activity sheets to take on your family’s next camping trip?

Here’s a printable campfire fill in word puzzle for kids or even adults. It’s a relaxing activity to enjoy while sitting around the campfire or your backyard bonfire.

A free printable campfire camping fill in word puzzle.  The free print and go camping activity sheet has 40 campfire themed words to fit in the puzzle.  There are 3 letter words up to 13 letter words.  It prints in black and white and has images that kids might enjoy coloring.  Image of a fire burning firewood and marshmallow's on a roasting stick under a night's sky.

What is A Fill In Puzzle?

A fill in puzzle is very similar to a crossword puzzle. With a fill it in puzzle there are no clues to solve. The words to fit in the puzzle are already given.

The puzzle’s words are grouped by the amount of letters it has.

The challenge of the word game puzzle is to fit all the given words into the available spots. An 8 letter word can only be put in a spot meant for 8 letters.

About This Fill In Puzzle

This camping word puzzle is best suited for ages 8 and up.

There are 3 letter words all the way up to 13 letter words.

Campfire Words

The fill in puzzle is packed with 40 campfire themed words to fit into the puzzle. It’s a fun way for kids to build their camping vocabulary.

Some of the words are equipment or supplies needed to build a fire:

  1. axe
  2. log
  3. fire pit
  4. lighter
  5. matches
  6. tinder
  7. kindling
  8. firewood

One type of technique for building a fire:

  1. teepee

Fire vocabulary:

  1. flame
  2. embers
  3. ash
  4. smoke
  5. heat
  6. burn
  7. campfire

Items you might have around a campfire:

  1. chairs
  2. blanket
  3. guitar
  4. pocket knife
  5. lantern

Food and tools for eating around a campfire:

  1. snacks
  2. smores
  3. graham cracker
  4. marshmallow
  5. roasting stick
  6. hotdogs

Campfire activities:

  1. tell stories
  2. make memories
  3. sing alongs

Vocabulary related to being in nature:

  1. forest
  2. nature
  3. outside
  4. trees
  5. stars
  6. night
  7. raccoon
  8. summer

And of course camping vocabulary:

  1. camp
  2. campground

Printable Camping Activity Sheet

This print and go campfire themed fill in word puzzle can be downloaded free below. The pdf includes answers.

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Answer Key

Here is the answer key to this campfire fill in word puzzle:

Answer key for a fill in word puzzle


Saturday 30th of July 2022

Is there an answer sheet for the campfire word puzzle?

Melanie Thomas

Saturday 30th of July 2022

The 2nd page of the downloaded pdf is the answer sheet. I will add an answer sheet here also on this post later today.