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Difficult Camping Word Search

This difficult camping word search is a great print and go activity to take with you on your family’s next summer camping trip.

Challenge your upper elementary or older child to find all the hidden words of this printable word search.

A printable camping word search. Coloring images of a flashlight, a tent, and a boy sleeping in a sleeping bag are also on the page.  32 words hidden in an 18 X 21 grid of letters.

Needing only a pencil, a camping themed word search can be a fun and relaxing activity to do at the campsite.

Besides being enjoyable, it is also educational as it helps to improve both vocabulary and spelling.

And if you have a few pencil crayons, kids that wish can also have fun coloring the images on the page.

Difficulty Level

This tough camping word puzzle has 32 words for the searcher to hunt for. More than half of the words are 8 letters or longer, with the longest 2-word combination having 15 letters.

The words can be found in every possible direction. Of course there are a few words hidden the way we read: forwards, horizontally. But to make it more challenging, many of the words are also hidden backwards or upside down – horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The 32 camping themed words are hidden in an 18 X 21 grid of letters.

While this hard word search was designed for kids 5th grade or older, it is also challenging enough for adults to try.

Camping Themed Words

Here is the list of words of this camping themed puzzle:

  1. summer
  2. vacation
  3. memories
  4. campsite
  5. reservation
  6. campfire
  7. marshmallow
  8. outdoor cooking
  9. roasting sticks
  10. s’mores
  11. cabin
  12. trailer
  13. tent
  14. sleeping bag
  15. air mattress
  16. hammock
  17. animals
  18. chipmunk
  19. raccoon
  20. mosquitoes
  21. insect repellent
  22. compass
  23. lantern
  24. flashlight
  25. batteries
  26. nature
  27. island
  28. mountains
  29. hiking
  30. swimming
  31. canoeing
  32. kayak

Free Printable Camping Activity

You can download this difficult camping word search free below.

The pdf includes an answer sheet.

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Answer Key

Here is the answer key for this difficult camping word search:

A color coded answer key for a difficult camping word search.