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Vacation Word Scramble

Parents, if you’re going on a vacation or a road trip, keep your kids from getting bored by taking along some printable travel activities. You can grab a free vacation word scramble for kids below.

Printable vacation word scramble for kids.  There are 12 jumbled travel themed words for kids to unscramble.  The letters of the unscrambled words are to be written in circles and squares.  The letters in the circles will spell the answer to a "Where do sharks go on vacation?" joke for kids. The page is decorated with images kids can color: an airplane wearing sunglasses, the Eiffel Towel, and a boy relaxing on the water.

Scrambled Travel Themed Words

Kids will need to rearrange the letters to spell a vacation or travel themed word.

This printable puzzle will be especially perfect for kids that will be flying to their vacation destination, as the words are very fitting.

There are 12 words in this word scramble. They are:

  • flight
  • motel
  • vacation
  • relax
  • airplane
  • ticket
  • travel
  • airport
  • passport
  • hotel
  • window
  • holiday

Difficulty Level

The jumbled words are third grade spelling words. So this word scramble activity would generally be best for students third grade or older.

There are some 5, 6, 7 and 8 letter words.

A one page printable black and white vacation word scramble. There's 12 words to unscramble. After unscrambling the travel themed words the letters in circles will reveal the answer to a joke.

Spelling Practice

A word scramble is a great way for kids to learn or practice spelling.

The words of this holiday word scramble are the same words as the 3rd grade vacation themed spelling week. For students who are currently learning this spelling list, this activity would be a great complement.

Secret Word

For a little extra fun, after unscrambling the travel themed words, a hidden word will be revealed. The secret word is the answer to a travel themed riddle.

Download Printable Word Scramble

You can download the free travel word scramble below 🙂

The answers are included in this printable pdf.

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Travel Word Scramble Answers

Here is the answer key to this vacation word scramble. A solution page is also included in the pdf.


Where do sharks go on vacation? FINLAND