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Vacation Crossword Puzzles

Here are some fun vacation crossword puzzles for kids to take on your next family vacation.

There’s a beach and resort holiday themed puzzle and a cruise vacation themed puzzle.

Both printable crossword puzzles are free to download and print. The puzzles print in black and white and have images decorating the page that kids can color.

Vacation crossword puzzles for kids.  Two black and white printable crossword puzzles with a "Cruise Vacation" and "Holiday" themes.  The puzzles are decorated with images that kids can color. The puzzles are in front of a colourful palm tree background.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level is medium.

The vacation themed crossword puzzles are best suited for elementary students grade 5 or older. 

Children working on the vacation themed 5th grade spelling list will especially benefit as all of the words on their list are included in this puzzle. Previously learned vacation themed words from other grades are also included.

There are 40 words to solve: 19 on the holiday puzzle and 21 on the cruise themed crossword puzzle.

Most of the clues given are definitions of the word. That makes these crossword puzzles fun vocabulary worksheets for 5th or 6th grade students.

Beach Vacation Crossword

The first crossword puzzle is especially perfect for kids flying to a warm tropical vacation spot, a beach destination or staying in a resort.

A free printable beach resort vacation themed crossword puzzle for kids. There are 9 clues across and 10 clues down for kids to solve. The black and white printable has 3 cute images that kids can have fun coloring.  There's an image of a plane flying in the sky, a palm tree, and a suitcase.

It defines words like:

  • tropical
  • paradise
  • swimming
  • beach
  • relax
  • pool
  • resort
  • flight
  • airport
  • departure
  • turbulent

Cruise Vacation Crossword

For kids going on a cruise vacation, this printable crossword puzzle would be fun to take along.

A screenshot of a printable cruise vacation themed crossword puzzle for kids. There are 9 clues across and 12 clues down for kids to solve. The black and white printable has 5 cute images that kids can color if they wish. The images are an island with palm trees, a cruise ship, a boy carrying a life preserver, a boy with a camera and some flowers.

This cruise themed crossword puzzle has clues for words like:

  • cruise
  • breeze
  • island
  • voyage
  • cabin
  • ticket
  • leisure
  • journey

Print Vacation Crossword Puzzles

Both vacation crossword puzzles can be downloaded free below.

The downloadable pdf is 4 pages. It includes:

  • a beach and resort themed crossword puzzle
  • a cruise vacation themed crossword puzzle
  • 2 answer pages

More Vacation Word Puzzles for Kids

Here are some more free printable word puzzles you can take with you on your next family trip: