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Letter Writing & Cards Word Search

Here is a free printable 2nd grade word search for kids with a letter writing theme.

It’s a fun activity for children learning to write a friendly letter.

2nd grade word search with card and letter writing theme. Free printable word search with answers included.

Difficulty Level

This easy word search is perfect for early elementary students around 2nd grade.

The puzzle has 12 words for kids to find and circle.

Ten of the words are from the “Letter Writing & Cards” themed second grade spelling words.

The remaining two words: “write” and “pen” are previously learned first grade spelling words.

The words are hidden horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Since it’s a 2nd grade word search, all words are facing forwards, nothing backwards or upside down.

2nd grade word search with card and letter writing theme. Free printable 2nd grade word search with answers included. #letterwriting #grade2 #treevalleyacademy #wordsearch #mailtheme

Since kids will be searching for the letters that make up each word, this word search is a good first step to help kids learn to spell these words common to letter writing.

Writing Letters or Cards

A good way to further help kids learn the spelling of these words, would be for them to write a letter or a card to someone. That way they will be using these words in their real life, which usually means learning happens naturally and effortlessly.

Here are a few simple ideas:

  • a “Get Well Soon” card
  • a simple short note to a loved one like: “Dear Dad, I love you very much.”
  • a thank you card

If kids want to make their own card, check out this geometric animal art lesson for a fun card making idea.

Download and Print

A free printable copy of this 2nd grade word search can be downloaded below.

The pdf also includes an answer sheet if needed.

More Friendly Letter Writing Worksheets

If you prefer a similar word search with a little bit harder words, check out this 4th grade mail themed word search.

If your child is doing the 2nd grade letter & card spelling list, another worksheet to help learn these spelling words is this word shape puzzle.

Letter Writing Word Search Answer Key

Here’s the answer key for this 2nd grade word search:

A color-coded letter writing word search answer key.

Genie Anton

Saturday 14th of March 2020

I found Letter Writing & Cards Word Search very educational.