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Apple Crossword Puzzle for Kids

Here is a fun printable apple themed crossword puzzle for kids.

It’s a perfect vocabulary and spelling activity for elementary students around 2nd or 3rd grade.

The crossword puzzle is free to download and print.

Free printable apple crossword for kids.  The black and white crossword puzzle worksheet for grade 2 has an image of an apple tree and an apple that could be coloured.  There are 15 clues for kids to solve.

About This Crossword Puzzle

All the words of the puzzle are related to apples. It would be a perfect activity for any apple unit.

The apple crossword has 15 word clues for kids to solve.

Difficulty Level

Most of the answers to the clues are words from the 2nd grade apple themed spelling list. That would make this an especially great worksheet for kids learning those spelling words.

The remaining words are previously learned first and second grade words.

The difficulty level is easy. It would be best for students in grades 2 or 3.

Printable Crossword Puzzle for Kids

The apple crossword puzzle for kids can be downloaded free below.

The pdf includes an answer page.

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Answer Key

Here is the answer key for the easy apple crossword puzzle:

The answer key for a printable easy apple crossword puzzle. The words across are worm, pick, seeds, apples, cut, peel, and red. The words down are ripe, tree, cider, eat, stem, fall, pie, and core.