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2nd Grade Dictation Sentences

Here are 2nd grade dictation sentences to go along with these grade 2 spelling words.

There are sentences for all 36 weeks.

Each sentence only has words your child has learned – the words of the current spelling week and previously learned spelling words.

All of the weekly spelling words are included in each week’s sentences. 

The 2nd grade spelling dictation sentences for the first 3 weeks.

Benefits of Dictating Sentences

One benefit of sentence dictation is that it gives kids a lot of practice using proper capitalization and punctuation.  

Another advantage is that it helps kids really master their spelling words.  

Often kids can ace their spelling test, only to forget how to spell some of these words at a later date.  Sentence dictation helps prevent that, as there is a lot of repetition of previously learned words.   

It also gives them practice using the correct spelling of similar sounding words (i.e. than or then; to, too or two; there, their, or they’re; etc). And also practice with forming the plural of nouns or adding suffixes to nouns (i.e. adding ING, ED or ER to the end of a word).

How to Use These Sentences

My suggestion is to have a separate lined notebook that your child can always use to write their dictated sentences. 

In 2nd grade a notebook with double lined paper might be useful. If not you could just ask them to write using 2 lines on regular lined paper.

To keep things short and sweet for your second grader, it will probably be best to divide the sentences into 2 or more sittings throughout the week.

How We Did It

When I dictated these sentences to my daughter we did the week’s sentences in 2 days.

We did spelling 5 days a week, but kept it brief each time:

  • Day 1 would be a word puzzle with the weekly spelling words.
  • Day 2 we worked on a phonic(s)skill (with a possible worksheet) that went along with the week’s words
  • On Day 3, I dictated the spelling words. If there were any mistakes, we will look at them and review it together. I might ask her those misspelled words randomly in the day for her to verbally spell out loud to me.
  • On Day 4 & 5 I’d dictate half of the sentences for the week.

She wasn’t a huge fan of hand writing, but I still wanted her to work on it so it would get easier for her. So with that goal, I had her write at least 2 sentences each of those days.

She had to work on neatness, correct punctuation, capitalizing correctly, and spelling.

The last couple sentences I let her type on the computer. We made sure whatever program we used we had spell check turned off. The program we ended up using the most was Telegram, where she could direct message me from her laptop.

Weekly Dictation Sentences

Here are the 2nd grade dictation sentences for each week. The words in bold are on the spelling list of that week.

Week 1 – Back to School

  1. Study for your spelling test.
  2. You can play when all your work is done.
  3. There are pens, glue and tape at your desk.
  4. Can you teach me how to write?
  5. The kids are studying for their test
  6. She was teaching us how to sing.
  7. We are learning about dogs.
  8. Do you know the answers?  

Click here for a spelling lesson plan for weeks 1 to 6 with any word puzzles that go along with the spelling words of each week.

Week 2 – ER, IR & OR

  1. I saw our dog give birth to her pups.
  2. We can feed the pigs some corn.
  3. I took a short cut.
  4. It is a small world.
  5. Go over there.
  6. Yes sir.
  7. The pups were born on the first day in May.
  8. Your bag should go under your desk.
  9. I am shorter than you.
  10. Fill out a form.
  11. He is very tall.

Week 3 – Long E Sound

  1. I bet I can beat you to the swings.
  2. Keep your bag under your seat.
  3. She seems mad.
  4. Let him speak.
  5. What are we going to eat?
  6. Have you seen the glue?
  7. We live near the water.
  8. Is it real?
  9. I feel sad.

Week 4 – Long I Sound

  1. The red ball is his and the other one is mine.
  2. Go on your side of the bed.
  3. Do not lie to me.
  4. He drives a cab.
  5. There are wires in the wall.
  6. Try to reach the top.
  7. Lie down on the bed.
  8. Why did he die?
  9. She stood in line.
  10. You may rise.

Week 5 – Math

  1. We can use a number line when we add or subtract.
  2. What is the sum of one plus two?
  3. What is the grand total?
  4. Can you count to 100?
  5. My desk is about two corns wide and two corns deep.
  6. Did you study for your math test?
  7. One is less than two.
  8. 10 minus 4 is 6.

Week 6 – Numbers

  1. Four plus six is ten
  2. Two is an even number.
  3. One is less than eight.
  4. Seven and nine are odd numbers.
  5. Eight minus five is three.

Week 7 – Long A Sound

  1. Take some water with you, in case you fall in the mud.
  2. What is your name?
  3. The dog came to me.
  4. That is the main thing.
  5. l will lay the pup down on his bed.
  6. We stood up at the same time.
  7. What did mom say?
  8. Stay in bed.
  9. Wait over there.

Week 8 – Time

  1. Some kids came over to play last week.
  2. Who was born in the month of May?
  3. What is your date of birth?
  4. They met last year.
  5. She drives too fast.
  6. It will be spring in eight months.
  7. I ran up the hill before him.
  8. You can play after you eat.
  9. Ten years is a long time.
  10. We have a weekly test.

Week 9 – Hard C / Soft C

  1. We can use the fan because it is very hot.
  2. I will race you to the shed.
  3. Take good care of her.
  4. May I eat some cake?
  5. Dad will drive the van to the city.
  6. I saw a clown at the circus.
  7. This is a nice place.
  8. Mom is a good cook.
  9. Men cry too.

Week 10 – Apples

  1. The apple will last longer if you keep the stem on.
  2. Would you like some apple cider?
  3. Pick some apples from the tree.
  4. Can we eat apple seeds?
  5. Peel the apple before you eat it.
  6. Where can I put the apple core?
  7. There is a worm in this apple.
  8. I like apple pie and apple cake.

Week 11 – _ILD, _OLT, _OLD & _UST

  1. A colt is four years old or less.
  2. He just sold the last pie.
  3. We must study for our test.
  4. Hold on.
  5. The bun has mold on it.
  6. I am seven years old.
  7. We saw wild pigs.
  8. It jolted the van.
  9. She told a lie.

Week 12 – Family

  1. Your son was born in the same year as my sister.
  2. She gave birth to a baby boy.
  3. My mother is a good cook.
  4. His brother is eight years old.
  5. The girl can run fast.
  6. Her sister is a twin.
  7. He is just a child.
  8. My father is working.

Week 13 – Long O Sound

  1. I hope we can find three seats in a row.
  2. A man rode a bull at the show.
  3. The dog was soaking wet.
  4. The dog dug a hole.
  5. There is a flag at the top of the pole.
  6. The dogs pull the sled with rope.
  7. The cat sat below the girl’s desk.
  8. Use soap and water.

Week 14 – Human Body

  1. His mother told him not to pick his nose.
  2. Take good care of your teeth.
  3. She fell flat on her face.
  4. He has a big mouth.
  5. The child pat the dog on the head.
  6. We can play it by ear.
  7. Her cheeks were red.
  8. My tooth fell out.
  9. I have two eyes.

Week 15 – Bread

  1. Can you teach me how to bake a loaf of bread?
  2. I like to eat toast with butter and jam.
  3. The dough will rise.
  4. Would you like a slice of bread with butter?
  5. I would like the roll with seeds.
  6. Can you cut the crust for me?

Week 16 – Disney Movies

  1. The Lion King
  2. A Bug’s Life
  3. Bolt
  4. Cars
  5. Big Hero 6
  6. The Fox and the Hound
  7. Planes

Week 17 – AR & UR

  1. Your mother said we could play at the park.
  2. My brother will be four in March.
  3. The van took a sharp turn.
  4. My father likes urban life.
  5. My head hurts.
  6. Her mother made seven jars of jam.
  7. The people marched in the city.
  8. My sister has a red purse.
  9. The cat curled into a ball.
  10. My eyes are burning.

Week 18 – Letters / Cards

  1. Write your mother a note.
  2. I will write her a letter.
  3. Dear mom,
  4. I love you so much.
  5. We should send the man a card.
  6. My sister sent him a letter.
  7. Get well soon.

Week 19 – Transportation

  1. My sister and I made a raft to use on the water.
  2. My father saw rats on the ship.
  3. We rode the train to the city.
  4. Can you call us a taxi?
  5. The boy rowing the boat is my brother.
  6. Can we ride a hot air balloon?
  7. The man is a truck driver.
  8. Dad took the bus to work.

Week 20 – Hard G / Soft G

  1. The man stood at the edge of the stage.
  2. The snow will be gone in the spring.
  3. We played a game in gym.
  4. How large is it?
  5. Do you have gas in your car?
  6. The boys are the same age.
  7. We have gym after math.
  8. The cop has a gun.
  9. My sister got a cat.

Week 21 – Books

  1. There is a blank page at the end of the book.
  2. I read the book.
  3. I did not like the plot.
  4. He writes fiction.
  5. The title of the book is: “Big Hero 6”.
  6. Do not tell me the ending, I will read it.
  7. This book belongs to (child’s name).

Week 22 – Long U Sound

  1. We sold the van for less than its full value.
  2. The trees were wet with dew.
  3. They grew up in the city.
  4. Don’t argue with me.
  5. The plane is huge.
  6. We have a few slices of bread.
  7. Hold the test tube with care.
  8. Are you sure about that?
  9. They got a new car.
  10. I have no clue.
  11. Stop arguing.

Week 23 – Colors

  1. Would you like a red, green, or yellow apple?
  2. We are going white water rafting.
  3. My purse is a light brown.
  4. Pink is not just for girls.
  5. I saw a black balloon.
  6. What color is your car?
  7. It is dark blue.

Week 24 – Fairy Tales

  1. A long time ago, there was a girl in a tower with very long hair.
  2. A man could save the girl with a true love’s kiss.
  3. How far is the glass tower?
  4. Did you see “Ever After”?
  5. The king had three wishes.

Week 25 – Vacation

  1. Pack your bags, we are going on a road trip.
  2. Bring some shorts just in case.
  3. Are we there yet?
  4. Were you away last week?
  5. Where did you go?
  6. We drove to the city.
  7. We went for a ride on a hot air balloon.
  8. It was fun.

Week 26 – The Three Little Pigs

  1. The first two pigs built their houses out of straw and sticks.
  2. The big bad wolf blows their doors down.
  3. Pig number three built a house of bricks.
  4. The big bad wolf went on the little pig’s roof.

Week 27 – The Sky

  1. There are so many stars in the sky.
  2. The plane is above the clouds.
  3. We must take care of our planet.
  4. Good night.
  5. After it rained, we saw a rainbow.
  6. There was a full moon last night.
  7. He sat in the darkness.
  8. The sun has set.

Week 28 – Weather

  1. The weather report calls for sunshine and wind.
  2. There is a chance of rain.
  3. It is cold.
  4. It will be cool this week.
  5. I feel drops of rain.
  6. It’s hailing.

Week 29 – Money

  1. Mom paid four dollars and seven cents for the toy.
  2. Dad gave me some money.
  3. They are rich.
  4. I have cash.
  5. The bread is three dimes plus two dollars.
  6. How much change did you get?
  7. The map is free.
  8. He is poor.

Week 30 – _IND & _OST

  1. My father grinds his teeth at night.
  2. What kind of car do you drive?
  3. He sent me a postcard. (Mention to your child that postcard is one word.)
  4. How much did it cost?
  5. Love is blind.
  6. You look as white as a ghost.
  7. I was up most of the night.
  8. I hid behind a tree.
  9. She read my mind.
  10. Are you lost?

Week 31 – Chores

  1. Wash the dishes with soap and water.
  2. It is just a small job.
  3. Put your hat away.
  4. What a mess!
  5. Make a list.
  6. I will wash the dishes and you dry them.
  7. We all have a task to do.
  8. You fold and I will dust.

Week 32 – Shopping

  1. My sister and I like to shop at the mall.
  2. Bread is only two dollars this week.
  3. Can we go to the pet store?
  4. What do you want the most?
  5. We need to sell our van.

Week 33 – Farm

  1. We will get some food from an urban farmer.
  2. The kids like to play in the hay barn.
  3. Cows eat grass.
  4. The sheep and goats are in the barn.
  5. Farmers plow in the spring and fall.
  6. There are ten pigs on the farm.

Week 34 – Pond

  1. We saw beavers, snails, and a fly at the pond.
  2. A swan is a white bird that lives on the water.
  3. A duck sat on the still water.
  4. Do you see all the fish?
  5. Where do frogs lay eggs?

Week 35 – Birds

  1. A finch can eat nuts and seeds with its beak.
  2. The robin makes their nest with grass and mud.
  3. The bird will flap its wings and fly away.
  4. The birds are flying in the sky.
  5. I love the song of a finch.
  6. I read a book about owls.
  7. We feed nuts to a crow.

Week 36 – Summer

  1. Dad said we could bike to the beach.
  2. We need to fill the pool with water.
  3. I feel the heat from the fire.
  4. I went to summer camp last year.
  5. Kids like to play in the sand.
  6. How deep is the lake?
  7. We went for a hike.

Here is the link to see all second grade spelling activities available to date.

La Tecia

Saturday 19th of August 2023

Thank you for these sentences. They will be a great help for morning work.

Jeaneca Romano

Thursday 3rd of August 2023

May I ask how I can download these dictating sentences?

Melanie Thomas

Friday 4th of August 2023

Hi Jeaneca,

These sentences are not available in a printable format just yet. A printable version will be included as part of the 2nd-grade spelling workbook I am currently working on.