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Silent Consonants Crossword

Here is a printable silent letters crossword puzzle for elementary students around 3rd grade.

It’s a fun spelling activity for kids to work on vocabulary and spelling words with silent consonants.

The crossword puzzle for kids is free to download and print.

A black and white free printable silent consonants crossword puzzle. The puzzle has 14 clues for kids to solve.

Difficulty Level

The printable crossword puzzle is perfect for children around 3rd grade.

The puzzle’s words are from the silent consonant themed 3rd grade spelling list (plus a 2nd grade word).

It has 14 words for kids to identify. All the words have one or more silent consonants.

The clues are often the definition of a word. For each of the 14 clues, children will need to figure out which word is being defined.

No doubt they will find some clues easier to solve than others. Correctly solving and spelling the easier words should give some extra letters to help them identify the words they might not figure out on the first try.

Silent Consonants Worksheet

The puzzle is a fun silent consonants worksheet. It’s a fun way for kids to:

  • practice their spelling of these 3rd grade words
  • improve their vocabulary skills.

Words with Silent Letters

The words of the puzzle include these silent letters and digraphs: L, T, W, KN, GN, WR, MB & GH.

  • L – calm
  • T – listen
  • W – answer, two
  • KN – knew & knife
  • GN – sign
  • WR – wrap, wrong
  • MB – lamb
  • GH – fight, might, right, tight
A 3rd grade silent consonants crossword puzzle. The black and white printable puzzle has 14 clues for kids to solve. The puzzle's words are grade 3 spelling words with silent letters: L, T, W, KN, GN, WR, MB, and GH.

Printable Crossword Puzzle

The silent consonants crossword puzzle can be downloaded free below.

The pdf includes an answer page.

Silent Consonants Crossword Answer Key

Here’s the puzzle’s answer key:

Answer key for a kid's printable silent letters crossword puzzle. The words across are: answer, lamb, sign, tight, knew, fight, and wrong. The words down are: calm, wrap, right, listen, might, knife, and two.