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Back to School Word Search – 6th Grade

Welcome 6th grade students with a back to school word search. A word search is a great way to get kids excited for the new school year. It’s also a relaxing activity that gives a few minutes of calm to help ease first day of school jitters.

You can download the puzzle free below.

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A word search is also a fun way to work on spelling, since kids will be intently studying the letters that make up each word and the order the letters are found.

This 6th grade puzzle has 24 hidden words for kids to find and circle. 17 of the words are 6th grade spelling words.

Kids will really need to hunt for some of these words. The words are hidden in every possible direction, and can be found horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, forwards, backwards, or upside down.


Since grade 6 is the year where kids will graduate elementary school, a lot of the words are related to graduation and vocabulary they will encounter as they prepare for what comes next.

Free Printable Word Search

The 6th grade back to school word search can be downloaded free below. The pdf includes a solution or answer page.

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