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Number Study: ONE

This week is focused around the number one.  If you’re just joining us in this number bonds worksheets series, perhaps you would like to start at the beginning with the pre-lesson or on the number zero.

The Grade 1 Math skills that are being worked on in this lesson are:

  • Number Lines
  • Writing Numbers In Words
  • Addition With Pictures – Sums to 10
  • Identifying Even and Odd Numbers
  • Adding 1
Grade 1 Math: Number One

One More Than Worksheet

Before your child begins page 2, I would suggest going over a 1 + chart with them.  It should help them begin to see the pattern in adding one to something.  

I did that with my daughter and it really helped her understand the idea of adding one more to a number.  Then pages 2 & 3 will help reinforce the idea.

one more than - page 2

Printable Number One Worksheets

The number one worksheets for kindergarten can be downloaded below. The 4 page pdf is free to download and print.

It includes the page of letters, if needed.

Mental Math Option

For those adding the mental math option, this weeks task is to simply show your child what “1” looks like on the abacus.  To show them, you can download the free app called “Talking Abacus”.  If you have an iPad, you can download it here, an iPhone here.

How to Read the Abacus

Here are some details on how to read the abacus:

  • Each column of beads represent the position the number takes.  For example, the far right column is the ones position, the second from the right is the tens position, with hundreds and thousands position taking the next columns respectively.
  • The beads below the middle beam are worth a value of 1 each.
  • The beads above the middle beam are worth 5 each.
  • Remember, last week we learned a bead only gets counted when it’s touching the beam in the middle.  So if no beads are touching the middle beam, that would be a zero.
  • If you move one bead from the column of the “ones position”, and move it till its touching the middle beam, that would be a “1”.

The app is great as it tells you which number the abacus is showing, so you’ll know if you got the right number or not.  And if the talking voice gets annoying, you can just click the mute button, it will still show you the number.

Hope your child enjoys learning these math skills, and join us next week for learning with the number two.


Sunday 21st of October 2018

I have just discovered you and I am amazed. These are exactly the sort of resources and practical tips and advice I was after to help my 5 yr old daughter.

I had an aversion to maths and don’t want my daughter to be the same way so want to instil good practices early on.

Thank you so much for all your effort!

It is much appreciated.



Friday 2nd of January 2015

I always enjoy your posts! My daughter loves doing this stuff at home and always learning! Thank you for taking the time to do this! I hope you have a wonderful new year! I cant wait to see what is in store for the year! Thanks for linking up at Totally Terrific Tuesday! Jess

Laura at Mommy Maleta

Thursday 18th of December 2014

Love all the options you give! Thx for linking this math lesson up at the Thoughtful Spot!