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Summer Spelling Words

Summer is the last theme of our themed spelling words in grades 2, 3, 4 & 6. You can find the summer spelling words for each of those grades below.

Any worksheets or activities that go along with each grade’s spelling list are also included.

Grade 2 Summer Spelling List

These are the summer themed grade 2 spelling words:

  1. beach
  2. heat
  3. sand
  4. camp
  5. fire
  6. lake
  7. hike
  8. pool
  9. bike
  10. summer

Review Words

A possible option, for those that desire, is to include in your spelling lessons, a review of previously learned summer spelling words.

Whatever grade your student is in, you can include the words of the summer words of the previous grade or grades.

If your student is in second grade, here are the words learned in grade 1 that would fit the summer theme:

  • hot – (Week 7)
  • fan – (Week 9)
  • crab – (Week 17)
  • water – (Week 22)

Worksheets & Activities

This summer word search puzzle is a fun way for kids to practice spelling of these 2nd grade summer words as kids will be focusing on the letters that make up each word.

Or try this crossword puzzle which uses these 2nd grade words. Crossword puzzles are a great way to work on both vocabulary and spelling.

A printable summer word scramble of these words is another fun spelling activity.

Grade 3 Summer Words

Here is the summer themed spelling list for grade 3:

  1. sunny
  2. warm
  3. ice cream
  4. cabin
  5. kite
  6. swim
  7. pail
  8. shorts
  9. t-shirt
  10. diving
  11. swimming
  12. bikini

Worksheets & Activities

To help your students learn these spelling words, here are a couple resources to help:

Grade 4 Summer Spelling List

Here are the 4th grade summer words:

  1. almost
  2. cookout
  3. cottage
  4. fireworks
  5. footprint
  6. hiking
  7. humid
  8. path
  9. picnic
  10. outdoors
  11. outside
  12. sandal
  13. season
  14. trail

Worksheets & Activities

The word puzzles that use the words of this week’s spelling list are:

Grade 6 Summer Spelling Words

The summer spelling list for 6th grade is:

  1. barbecue
  2. bicycle
  3. campfire
  4. campsite
  5. canoeing
  6. crowd
  7. lemonade
  8. meadow
  9. mountains
  10. mosquito
  11. popsicle
  12. puzzle
  13. sprinkler
  14. towel
  15. view
  16. wonderful

Worksheets & Activities

Students can work on the vocabulary and spelling of these 6th grade spelling words with this summer crossword puzzle.

Here are some other summer word puzzles that would be fun for kids in this grade. They aren’t specifically designed to go along with this weeks spelling list but would be a fun review as they do include a lot of previously learned summer themed words:

I hope you enjoy your summer themed spelling week!