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Printable 4th Grade Fall Crossword Puzzle

Here’s a fun free printable fall crossword puzzle for kids.

The fall activity is best for elementary students around 4th grade. It’s a fun way for kids to learn seasonal vocabulary.

The black and white no prep crossword puzzle is free to download and print.

A black and white printable fall crossword puzzle for kids around 4th grade. It has 26 clues to solve: 13 across and 13 down. The printable fall crossword puzzle is decorated with images that can be colored: an owl, 3 leaves, and a mushroom.

Difficulty Level

This printable fall crossword puzzle has an easy to medium difficulty level. 

Most of the puzzle’s words are 3rd and 4th grade spelling words, making it ideal for a 4th grader.

The crossword puzzle has 26 clues to solve. Some of the clues won’t be hard to solve, but others might offer a challenge.

Educational Fall Activity

Crossword puzzles are a fun learning activity for kids at home or in the classroom. It’s a great way to get them working on spelling and vocabulary at the same time. 

Each clue begins as a vocabulary exercise, with students reading the clues and trying to figure out their answers.

As soon as they think they have solved a clue, the puzzle switches to a spelling activity. At this point, they will be trying their best to correctly spell the autumn themed 3rd and 4th-grade spelling word as they write the fall word in its word box.

And kids that enjoy coloring can color the black-and-white images of a mushroom, owl, and fall leaves that decorate the puzzle.

Printable Fall Crossword Puzzle

You can grab a free download of the autumn crossword puzzle below.  The PDF includes an answer sheet.

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More 4th Grade Crossword Puzzles

Having a few different puzzles on hand can be a great activity to give fast finishers. They are both fun and educational.

Here are some more printable crossword puzzle worksheets that are at a 4th grade level:

You can find more fun word puzzles and spelling activities for grade 4 students here.

Answer Key

Here is the answer key for this fall crossword puzzle.  The answers are also included in the PDF.

Answer key for a printable fall crossword puzzle. The words across are hiking, gray, autumn, school, jump, wheelbarrow, vest, root, season, hoodie, pear, football, and fall. The words down are nuts, yellow, apple, mushrooms, blanket, jacket, dried, harvest, orange, colorful, scarf, leaf, and owl.

You can find more printable fall activities for kids here.

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