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150+ Fall Words from A to Z

Enjoy this collection of over 150 fall words.

There’s autumn vocabulary grouped alphabetically and by theme. There are terms for fall:

150+ fall words A-Z. Words and images showing an apple, corn, football, hay, leaf, mushroom, owl, pie, pumpkin, scarecrow, tree, and a spider web.

Fall Words From A – Z

Here is a list of autumn words in alphabetical order:


  • acorn
  • allergies
  • apple (pie, cider, crisp, juice, strudel, etc.)
  • autumn
  • Autumnal Equinox


  • back to school
  • bale of hay
  • barn owl
  • beanie (a type of hat often worn in the cooler weather)
  • birds
  • blanket
  • bonfire
  • boots
  • bramble (thorny bushes with berries that ripen in the fall)
  • breezy
  • brisk
  • brown (leaves)
  • butternut squash


  • caramel apple (a fall treat made by dipping apples in toffee or caramel)
  • changing
  • chestnut
  • chilly
  • chipmunk
  • cider
  • cinnamon
  • clove
  • cobwebs
  • colorful
  • colors
  • cool
  • corn (maze)
  • cozy
  • cranberry
  • crisp
  • crow


  • daylight savings time
  • deciduous (trees that shed their leaves in the fall)
  • dried (flowers, leaves, or fruits)


  • end of summer
  • equinox (fall equinox) (time when day and night are of equal length and marks the beginning of fall)
  • evergreen


  • fall (colors)
  • falling (leaves)
  • fireplace
  • firewood
  • flannel
  • fleece
  • fog
  • foliage
  • football
  • frost


  • ginger (a popular fall spice)
  • golden
  • gourd
  • grains (harvesting of grains often occurs in the fall)
  • gray skies


  • harvest
  • Harvest Moon
  • hay
  • hayride
  • hiking
  • hoodie
  • hoot (owl)
  • hot chocolate (a comforting drink enjoyed during cooler fall days)
  • hues (the different colors of fall foliage)


  • Indian corn
  • Indian summer


  • jacket
  • jump (in a pile of leaves)


  • kettle


  • lattes (such as pumpkin spice latte, popular fall beverages)
  • layering
  • leaf
  • leaves
  • long sleeves


  • maize (another word for corn)
  • maze
  • migrate
  • mulled wine (a warm spiced wine often enjoyed during the colder months)
  • mushrooms


  • nippy
  • November
  • nutmeg (a warm spice often used in fall recipes)
  • nuts (acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, etc.)


  • oak
  • October
  • orange
  • orchards
  • overalls (comfortable clothing often worn for outdoor fall activities)
  • overcoats
  • overcast (describing the cloudy and gloomy weather common in fall)
  • owl


  • pears
  • pecan
  • persimmon (a fruit that ripens in the fall)
  • pie
  • piles (leaf piles kids love to jump in)
  • pinecones
  • plaid (a popular fall pattern often seen on clothing)
  • pomegranate (a fruit in season during the fall)
  • pumpkin (pie, etc.)
  • pumpkin patch (a place where pumpkins are grown and harvested)
  • pumpkin spice (a popular flavor associated with fall)


  • quilt (often used as cozy bedding or for warmth during cool nights)


  • rake
  • raking
  • reaping (harvesting crops in the fall)
  • red
  • root vegetables (such as carrots, beats, and turnips, commonly harvested in fall)
  • rustling


  • scarecrow
  • scarf
  • school (back-to-school season is in the fall)
  • season
  • September
  • s’mores
  • snuggle
  • socks
  • soup
  • spice
  • spider (web)
  • squash
  • squirrel
  • stew
  • sunflower
  • sweater


  • tea (fall is a popular time for warm beverages like tea)
  • trees
  • turnip (a root vegetable often harvested in the fall)
  • turtleneck (commonly worn in cooler fall weather)


  • umbrella


  • vegetables
  • vibrant (fall foliage often displays vibrant colors such as red, orange, and yellow)


  • web
  • wet
  • wheat (a crop often harvested in the fall)
  • wheelbarrow
  • windy
  • woodpile (stacks of wood prepared for cozy fires in the fall)


  • equinoX
  • eXtra layers
  • xanthophyll – yellow pigments found in leaves during the fall season


  • yam
  • yellow
  • yummy (name a fall food)


  • corn maZe
  • zipper
Fall words with a picture of each. The words are: apple, corn, football, hay, leaf, mushroom, owl, pumpkin, rake, scarecrow, tree, and web.

Fall Themed Word Lists

Below you’ll find word lists for these autumn themes:

Fall Weather Words

Here is a list of autumn weather words. These words capture the various weather conditions often associated with fall, including cooler temperatures, foggy mornings, rainy days, and the changing atmosphere as the season transitions from summer to winter.

  • breezy
  • brisk
  • chilly
  • colder
  • cloudy
  • cool
  • crisp
  • damp
  • dew
  • drizzly
  • foggy
  • frost
  • gloomy
  • gray skies
  • hazy
  • misty
  • nippy
  • overcast
  • showery
  • stormy
  • rainy
  • windy

For more weather vocabulary, you can download a free printable pdf of weather terms for kids.

Fall Clothing Words

What clothes are commonly worn in the fall?

Since fall brings cooler weather, we usually look for warm and comfortable clothing. Fall fashion often includes layering to adapt to changing temperatures and to embrace the cozy, comfortable style of the season.

Here is a list of fall clothing vocabulary:

  • beanie
  • boots
  • cardigan
  • coat
  • flannel
  • hoodie
  • fleece
  • jacket
  • jeans
  • jogging pants
  • leggings
  • long sleeve shirts
  • overalls
  • pants
  • plaid
  • poncho
  • rain boots
  • raincoat
  • running shoes
  • scarf
  • shawl
  • socks
  • sweater
  • sweatshirt
  • tights
  • turtleneck
  • umbrella
  • vest jacket
  • windbreaker

Time Words of Fall

Here is a list of time-related words associated with fall. They relate to various aspects of time during the fall season, including the changing of clocks, the natural progression of the season, and events specific to this time of the year.

  • autumn
  • Autumnal Equinox
  • back to school – fall is when many schools resume classes after summer vacation
  • daylight savings time – In some regions, the clocks are adjusted in the fall to “fall back” one hour, resulting in earlier sunsets.
  • end of summer
  • equinox – The autumnal equinox marks the official beginning of fall when day and night are of equal length.
  • fall
  • harvest – the time when crops are gathered and collected in the fall
  • Indian summer
  • November
  • October
  • season
  • September

Fall Activity Words

These fall activities embrace the spirit of the season and offer opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather and traditions that come with autumn.

  • apple picking – visiting an apple orchard to pick fresh apples
  • baking – making seasonal treats like pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and spiced cookies
  • bird watching – observing migrating birds as they travel to warmer climates for the winter
  • bonfires – gathering around a warm bonfire for marshmallow roasting and storytelling
  • camping
  • cider tasting – trying different varieties of apple cider
  • corn mazes – navigating through intricate mazes cut into cornfields for fun and adventure
  • football – watching or playing football
  • jumping in piles of leaves
  • leaf peeping – taking leisurely walks or drives to enjoy the vibrant colors of fall foliage
  • harvest fairs – attending local fairs that celebrate the agricultural harvest with games, food, and entertainment
  • harvesting – taking part in picking fruits, vegetables, or crops during the harvest season
  • hay rides – riding on a wagon filled with hay for a scenic trip through the countryside
  • hiking – exploring nature and hiking trails to witness the changing landscape during fall
  • photography – capturing the beautiful colors and scenery of autumn
  • stargazing – enjoying clear fall nights to observe the stars and constellations
  • visiting farms – exploring farms and participating in activities like petting zoos and corn mazes
  • visiting a pumpkin patch

Fall Animal Words

Here are some animals and animal vocabulary we associate with autumn.

These animals are often seen in abundance during the fall season, engaging in various activities like migration, mating, and preparing for the colder months ahead.

  • bats
  • bears – start preparing for hibernation by eating more in the fall to build up fat reserves
  • birds – various bird species begin their southward migrations during the fall
  • beavers – increase activity in the fall to build and repair their lodges before winter
  • chipmunks – busy gathering and storing food for the winter
  • crow
  • deer – mating season is in the fall, making deers more active and visible
  • foxes – often seen hunting for food and preparing for winter during the fall
  • geese – migratory birds that fly in V-shaped formations during the fall to head south for winter
  • hedgehogs – start preparing for hibernation as the weather gets cooler
  • Monarch butterflies – migrate southward in large numbers during the fall to avoid the colder weather
  • owls (hoot)
  • raccoons – become more active in the fall as they prepare for winter hibernation
  • spiders (webs)
  • squirrels – often seen gathering and storing nuts for the winter during the fall
  • turkeys

Fall Words That Rhyme

Trying to write a poem? Here’s some autumn rhyming words to get you started:

  • hay, grey and day
  • rake and bake
  • football, overall and fall
  • wheat, treat, and beet
  • spider and cider
  • pear and bear
  • September, October, November, sunflower, sweater, zipper, layer, Indian summer, and ginger
  • wet, blanket and jacket
  • falling, changing, reaping, layering, raking, rustling, and hiking
  • wheelbarrow, crow, scarecrow, and yellow
  • beanie, tea, breezy, chilly, cozy, cranberry, nippy, toffee, windy, allergy, yummy, and hoodie
  • leaves, long sleeves, and trees
  • hay ride and dried
  • butternut, chestnut, nut, and walnut
  • hoot and boot
  • persimmon, pumpkin and cinnamon
  • gray sky and apple pie
  • warm beverage and vibrant foliage

If you think of anymore, please share in the comments below.

Fall Words for Kindergarten

Here is a list of easy words for kindergarten:

  • apple
  • bat
  • bird
  • boot
  • brown
  • corn
  • fall
  • hay
  • leaf
  • orange
  • owl
  • pear
  • pie
  • pumpkin
  • rake
  • red
  • tree
  • web
  • yellow

To practice some of these words, you can download a fun printable fall word search for kindergarten.

Fall CVC Words

Here are some autumn cvc words perfect for preschool or kindergarten children:

  • bat
  • fog
  • red
  • web
  • wet

Fall Compound Words

A compound word combines two words to create a new term. Here are some fall compound words:

  • cobweb
  • cornfield
  • football
  • hayride
  • overcast
  • pinecone
  • raincoat
  • scarecrow
  • sunflower
  • woodpile

Can you think of any more fall words? Please share them in the comments.

Fall Word Puzzles

Here are some fun autumn word puzzles that uses only fall words: