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Fall Word Search for Kindergarten

Get young children excited for the autumn season with this kindergarten fall word search.

The printable word search is a fun and educational activity for preschool or kindergarten students.

It’s free to download and can easily be printed from your home or classroom printer. There’s a color and black and white version to choose from. You can also choose if you want the letters to be uppercase or lowercase.

Printable fall word search for kindergarten or preschool. There are 8 words hidden in a 6X8 very large print grid of letters. Each of the words to find has a picture above it, helping kids to be able to read each word. The images are in color, but there's another version in black and white. The puzzle's words are apple, corn, fall, leaf, owl, pie, rake, and tree.

Difficulty Level

This is a beginner level word search ideal for young kids who are new to word searches, especially kindergarteners and preschoolers. 

Children don’t need to be able to read to do this puzzle as each word has a picture beside it showing them what the word is. 

The autumn words are easy to find, and are hidden in a 6 X 8 grid of uppercase large print letters.

They can be found horizontally in the direction we read (from left to right) or vertically (from top to bottom). There are no diagonal, backwards or upside down words.

Words to Find

The autumn themed word search has 8 hidden words for kids to find and circle. All of the words, except for the word apple, are simple 3 or 4 letter fall words:

  1. apple
  2. corn
  3. fall
  4. leaf
  5. owl
  6. pie
  7. rake
  8. tree

Educational & Fun Learning Activity

The word search puzzle is a fun letter recognition activity. Kids will get to practice identifying and finding the different letters of the alphabet that make up each word.

Printable Fall Word Search

The autumn word search for kindergarten can be downloaded free below.

The printable 5-page pdf contains 4 versions of the puzzle to choose from. There’s a version with:

  1. uppercase letters in color
  2. lowercase letters in color
  3. uppercase letters in black and white (to save on ink)
  4. lowercase letters in black and white

An answer page is also included.

For those who choose to print out the black and white version of the puzzle, children will be able to have fun coloring all the pictures.

The last page of the pdf is an answer page.

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Answer Key

Here is the color-coded answer key for this preschool fall word search:

The color-coded answer key for a printable preschool or kindergarten fall word search for kids. The preschool word search has 8 hidden fall words in a 6 X 8 grid of large print uppercase letters.