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3D Back to School Coloring Pages

Here are some fun 3D back to school coloring pages.

The coloring sheets make a fun back to school activity at the beginning of a new school year. It’s fun for kids of all ages and great to have on hand for early finishers.

There are 8 school coloring pages to choose from:

  1. a pencil rocketship
  2. pen holder
  3. books
  4. school bus
  5. a knapsack with school supplies
  6. a lunch box
  7. crayons and other school supplies
  8. girl’s shoes with buckles
8 free printable back to school 3D coloring pages. It includes a book coloring page with stacks of books, a globe, ruler, pencil, and an open book with a 3D page. There's also a pencil-shaped rocket coloring page. The rocket is in the sky and has a 3D element for kids to glue on. There's also a school coloring page with 4 pencil crayons, a ruler, scissors, and a paintbrush in a 3D pencil holder. Kids will need crayons, a glue stick, and scissors for this fun back to school activity.

Supplies Needed

This is an easy, no-prep coloring activity. The only supplies needed are:

  1. coloring page of child’s choice printed on one page of 8.5″ X 11″ letter size white paper
  2. coloring supplies like crayons, pencil crayons, or markers
  3. a pair of scissors
  4. the last page of the downloadable PDF might be a handy reference. It shows the 3D version of each coloring page. This would help a child see where and how to glue the 3D element.


Kids can complete their 3D picture in 6 simple steps. Kids will need to:

  1. choose a coloring page
  2. look at the reference page to see how the coloring page is supposed to look in 3D
  3. color the page
  4. color the 3D element(s)
  5. cut out the 3D element(s)
  6. glue into place

Grab these fun school coloring activities below.

Two finished 3D coloring pages and crafts. There's a coloring page of a pencil rocket in the sky. The rocket has a 3D element: a paper rolled into a cylinder and glued onto the rocket. And there's a 3D container holding pencil crayons, a scissor, a ruler, and a paintbrush.

Download and Print Back to School Coloring Pages

You can download the free printable 3D back-to-school coloring pages below.

The 9-page PDF has 8 printable coloring sheets and 1 example page for reference.

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Saturday 19th of August 2023