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Carmen Harmel

Carmen Harmel is a grandmother who previously homeschooled her 2 children, and now helps to homeschool her granddaughter. She works as a Registered Nurse.

There are many different homeschooling options and learning styles. Unschooling is an exciting homeschooling style that has been gaining in popularity. What is unschooling? Unschooling is one method or philosophy of homeschooling your children. It is one of the most unique approaches to homeschooling. Basically, unschooling is child led learning facilitated by parents. It is …

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If you’re a new homeschooling parent, consider beginning your homeschooling journey with a deschooling period. What is deschooling? Deschooling is the first step taken before you start homeschooling your child. It is necessary after rescuing your child from the school system. Deschooling is temporary. It is an adjustment period taken to recover and heal. It …

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