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If you are looking for American Sign Language (ASL) curriculum for including in your homeschooling program, here are some suggestions of ASL online programs taught by deaf ASL instructors: Websites…/asl-for-free/asl-by-topichttps://signitasl.com ASL App

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Only a few weeks until the new school year begins.  My daughter is ready to begin Grade 1 this year.  As her teacher, I’ve been working hard at researching, choosing and gathering everything we need for this upcoming year.  I’ve also created a schedule for our year so we know what we need to get done …

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Learning Comes Easy When It’s Fun, Not Work When I was a teenager, a friend organized a weekly Friday night get together to learn American Sign Language.  It was open to any of my friends (from kid to adult) who wanted to join the class.  There were about 40 of us who regularly attended.  A …

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