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Farm Spelling Words

These farm spelling words would make a great addition to any farm unit. Here are farm themed spelling lists for elementary kids at the 2nd and 4th grade spelling level.

Grade 2 Farm Spelling Words

Farm is the theme of week 35 of the Grade 2 Spelling Words. Here are the second grade farm words:

  1. barn
  2. plow
  3. farm
  4. cows
  5. sheep
  6. grass
  7. hay
  8. goat
  9. food
  10. farmers

Review Words

Here are some previously learned farm spelling words for those that might be interested in reviewing as part of this week’ farm theme:

Grade 1 Review Words

Grade 2 Review Words

Grade 4 Farm Spelling Words

We also have a farm themed spelling list in our 4th grade spelling words. Here is that weekly spelling list with farm words:

  1. agriculture
  2. calf
  3. calves
  4. cattle
  5. crops
  6. harvest
  7. herd
  8. manure
  9. pasture
  10. produce
  11. provide
  12. rooster
  13. tractor
  14. wheelbarrow

Review Words

If you wish to review any previously learned farm themed spelling words during this week’s spelling, here is a list below of potential words:

Grade 3 Review Words

  • lamb (week 2)
  • country (week 4)
  • animal (week 5)
  • geese
  • goose
  • horse
  • kitten
  • kitty
  • rabbit
  • puppy (week 7)
  • fruit (week 34)

Grade 4 Review Words

  • chicken (week 15)

Optional Farm Learning Activities

Here are some optional farm themed learning resources for those that wish: