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Homeschooling French

As a FSL (French Second Language) parent, homeschooling french is a challenge. In Québec Canada where I live, the law requires that homeschooled children be taught the equivalent of what is taught in a french public school.  That means to continue homeschooling, I needed to figure out how to teach my daughter to read and write in a language I am not fully fluent in. Join us in our learning adventure as I will regularly share resources, printables, lesson plans, spelling lists, video tutorials, and more.

Decisions: Homeschooling? or Learning French at School?

My 6 year old daughter had spent a year of Kindergarten and nearly 3 months of Grade 1 in an all french school to help her learn the language.  While she is not 100% fluent yet, and still has a lot to learn, she has no trouble talking in french and has quite the french accent.  See more at: How My Daughter Learned a Second Language Why I Sent My Homeschooled Daughter to Public School

French Lesson Plans

French Alphabet Numbers in French Colors In French Body Parts In French

Learning French Verbs

French Verb Worksheets Grade 1 French Verbs Grade 2 French Verbs

French Spelling

Grade 3 French Spelling Words

Homeschooling French Curriculum

FSL Curriculum Ideas for Homeschooling Grade 1 or 2 French 2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices A review of a HighSchool French course from As we are in our third year of homeschooling french immersion, I will be posting a lot of lesson plans as I’m able to create them.