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Writing Stories With Preschoolers

Writing stories with preschoolers can be a fun and memorable experience.  

My 3 year old daughter loves to draw pictures and I’ve been encouraging her to tell me a story about them.  

I’ve been typing her story as she dictates it to me.  They are usually crazy funny as her thoughts aren’t all connected but I do notice improvement with connecting thoughts with each passing story.  

I often email her stories to different friends and family.  She likes this and it motivates her to want to continue to write stories, knowing she has an active audience.

Story Written by 3 Year Old Preschooler

Here’s one of my 3 year olds stories, along with a picture she drew this morning.

Title: “A House and A Kid”

Art by: Rylee (Age 3 1/2)

Her Story:

There’s a kid and a house for the day.  And the kid is lost beside a house, and he’s all alone, and his mother doesn’t know where he is.  

So he walks and walks and walks and walks, he didn’t find his Mummy.  But he didn’t find her, but he said: “Help, Help, somebody help.  I’m not near your home, but I’m near a house and my mother is not there, and I can’t find my way home. Please I need your help, I’m near a house but I can’t go there.  

So my mother needs to help.  Can you really find my way home for me, please? I really love my home, but it’s lost.  I can find it if you give me a drink. So you can find it if I give you a drink.  

For my hair, I have orange and pink, I love my mother, but she’s lost without me.  I live with the queen and king but I’m a little kid and has little hair cut off.  But I had long hair.

Now it’s the breathing part.  “I can’t breathe!” 

“Can I help because I’m a police, because polices can help find ways home for kids if they’re lost. So, do you need help getting to your home?” 

“Yes I do, can you really find it, because I love to go with polices.  Why do you help them? Why do you do this, this is a question.”

The police brings the kid home. 

Vedica Dhadha

Tuesday 27th of May 2014