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1st Grade Word Shape Puzzles (Weeks 25-28)

Here you’ll find the 1st grade spelling words and worksheets for weeks 25 – 28.

You’ll be able to download a free printable word shape puzzle worksheet for each of these weeks.

Printable 1st Grade Word Shape Puzzles

The word shape worksheet is a fun way to have kids writing all 10 of their spelling words.

Each word needs to be written in a matching word box shape.

Afterwards, kids will be asked to color the word boxes that have specified phonics sounds.

A free printable word shapes puzzle for grade 1 students.  Kids will write ten 1st grade words into their matching word box.  Afterwards, children are asked to color different word shape boxes that contain a specific phonics sound. For example, they will need to color any word with a CL blend, yellow.  The pdf is free to download and includes answer sheet.

Week 25

  1. bell
  2. cell
  3. fell
  4. shell
  5. spell
  6. could
  7. would
  8. should
  9. like
  10. these

If you wish you can grab a groundhog themed color by rhyme phonics worksheet that uses the words from this week, and some of the word families from weeks 27 and 28.

Week 26

  1. ill
  2. fill
  3. hill
  4. kill
  5. pill
  6. will
  7. chill
  8. bull
  9. full
  10. pull

Week 27

  1. law
  2. paw
  3. raw
  4. saw
  5. see
  6. deep
  7. feed
  8. seed
  9. give
  10. live

Week 28

  1. day
  2. may
  3. way
  4. clay
  5. play
  6. pray
  7. tray
  8. rake
  9. wake
  10. gave

PR blend introduced this week

Printable Word Shape Puzzles

You can download and print free word shape puzzles for these spelling weeks. There are 4 word puzzles and the pdf includes answers.

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