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Watching The Lunar Eclipse

So did you and your children get to watch the lunar eclipse this past Sunday?

The previous 2 lunar eclipses my daughter and I had made plans to watch, but both times the weather didn’t co-operate.  

The first time we were going to meet some friends at a boat dock for a middle of the night picnic eclipse viewing party.  It rained.  And the second time it was just too cloudy.  We ended up watching it online which does have its perks as you get to see the moon closer up and you learn quite a bit from the commentary.

This time was our first time seeing it live.  My daughter was quite tired but she was determined to stay awake and watch it.  She had a comfortable bed set up in the backyard with a pillow and nice warm blanket.  It was a nice moment being able to lie back under the sky and watch it with her.  The next total lunar eclipse won’t happen until she’s 23, so this truly was a rare opportunity.

I tried to take some photos, I should have set my camera up on a tripod but I didn’t.  After the last image you see below, it went cloudy, so we had to go in.

Photos from the lunar eclipse of September 27, 2015. Taken near Ottawa, Ontario in Canada.


Friday 2nd of October 2015

Oh wow, Melanie! You got great pics!! We missed the whole fun because it was super cloudy that day.

Melanie Thomas

Friday 2nd of October 2015

Ahh that's too bad.


Thursday 1st of October 2015

Thanks for sharing my lap book! It was the first eclipse I watched with my kid. They loved it so much!

Melanie Thomas

Thursday 1st of October 2015

It was pretty awesome wasn't it. I wonder what's next to see for us budding sky watchers :).


Thursday 1st of October 2015

This is amazing! Oh Now I feel so bad for missing this lunar eclipse viewing with my daughter!

FarZain @


Thursday 1st of October 2015

We didn't see the eclipse live, but the pictures look awesome!