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Grade 1 Language Arts

After much research, I have decided on my daughter’s Grade 1 Language Arts curriculum.  There’s a lot to think about with Language Arts, as it’s one of the more important subjects.

Grade 1 Language Arts 176 days of Free Worksheets

For learning to read, I have purchased a box set of 6 of the “Keywords with Peter and Jane” readers.  There are a total of 24 readers.  Having learned myself to read with the Peter and Jane readers, and now having taught my daughter with them, I do highly recommend beginning with the first 6 books when teaching your child to read.

The series builds the child’s reading vocabulary a word or two at a time, and allows for much repetition with previously learned words.

The box set has 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B and 2C.  The C’s are phonics based.  I do have some C’s but I have decided to teach phonics with different curriculum, but the A’s and B’s are really great.  Separately, each book is about $4.75.

Update: I purchased all 24 readers for my daughter but stopped reading them with her after completing 9B.  The beginning readers were excellent, and helped her learn to read a lot of words.  Eventually tho she got bored with the story so I needed to switch directions.  I tried a bunch of things but our favourite by far was Reading Eggs.  This was fun for her and she was self-motivated to read book after book.  See my Reading Eggs review.

Free Online Grade 1 Language Arts Worksheets

For Phonics, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, I have compiled some free worksheets from around the web and put together a schedule.  See below for all 176 days:

Day 1: Letter Candy – Consonants and Vowels

Day 2: Spelling List #1 (-an & -en)

Day 3: Funny Fish – Consonants and Vowels

Day 4: Spelling List #1 – Worksheet

Day 5: Super Square – Consonants and Vowels

Day 6: Splendid Sounds – Short Vowel Sounds

Day 7: Spelling 1 Word Scramble

Day 8: Ben’s Bedroom – Beginning Consonant B

Day 9: Spelling Test – Spelling List #1 Words

Day 10: Delightful Design – Beginning Consonant D

Day 11: Fix It Fun – Beginning Consonant F

Day 12: Spelling List #2 (-in, -on, -un)

Day 13: A Hip Hopper – Beginning Consonant H

Day 14: Spelling List #2 – Worksheet

Day 15: Flying High – Beginning Consonants J and K

Day 16: Leapin’ Lizards – Beginning Consonant L

Day 17: Spelling List # 2 – Word Scramble

Day 18: Morning Mania Beginning Consonant M

Day 19: Spelling Test – Spelling List #2 Words

Day 20: Nuts for Ned – Beginning Consonant N

Day 21: Picture It – Beginning Consonant P

Day 22: Spelling 1  (-at)

Day 23: Rob and Rod Rat – Beginning Consonant R & Cat On The Mat

Day 24: Spelling Test 1 (-at)

Day 25: Sneaky Ship – Beginning Consonant S

Day 26: Ted Turtle – Beginning Consonant T

Day 27: Spelling 2 (-an)

Day 28: Wendy Walrus – Beginning Consonant W The Man Has A Can

Day 29: Spelling Test 2 (-an)

Day 30: Zoom! – Beginning Consonants V, Y and Z

Day 31: Crazy Corner – Beginning Consonant C

Day 32: Spelling 3 (-ap)

Day 33: Purple Primate – Beginning Consonant G & Tap On The Map

Day 34: Spelling Test 3 (-ap)

Day 35: Missing Instrument – Beginning Consonant Q and Ending Consonant X

Day 36: Name That Picture – Beginning Consonants

Day 37: Spelling 4 (-ack)

Day 38: Double Time – Ending Consonant & Snack in the Sack (-ack)

Day 39: Spelling Test 4 (-ack)

Day 40:  Mystery Picture – Ending Consonant S and Plurals

Day 41: Match ‘Em! – Ending Blends lk, ft, lf, lm, lp, lt, and mp

Day 42: Spelling 5  (-it)

Day 43: The Elk & the Ant-Ending Blends nd,nk,nt,pt,sk & at & He Bit The Pit (-it)

Day 44: Spelling Test 5 (-it)

Day 45: Mini Stories – Beginning Blends bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc and s

Day 46: Picture Blender – Beginning Blends sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, tr, tw, scr, spl, spr and str

Day 47: Spelling 6 (-ig)

Day 48: Chuggin’ Choo Choo – Consonant Digraph ch & The Big Pig (-ig)

Day 49: Spelling Test 6 (-ig)

Day 50: Picnic Party – Consonant Digraph ck

Day 51: Splash! – Consonant Digraph sh

Day 52: Spelling 7 (-in)

Day 53: Rockin’ Thad – Consonant Digraph th & The Thin Pin Can Spin (-in)

Day 54: Spelling Test 7 (-in)

Day 55: Whispering Whales – Consonant Digraph wh

Day 56: Sam Shrimp – Consonant Digraphs shr, squ and the

Day 57: Spelling 8 (-ick)

Day 58: Maze Madness – Silent e & Kick The Brick (-ick)

Day 59: Spelling Test 8 (-ick)

Day 60: Ann and Abe – Long A and Short A Vowel Sounds

Day 61: Ned and Pete – Long E and Short E Vowel Sounds

Day 62: Spelling 9 (-ot)

Day 63: Mike and Mick  – Long I and Short I Vowel Sounds & The Pot Is Hot (-ot)

Day 64: Word Family Story: -ot & Spelling Test 9

Day 65: The Hole Story – Long O Vowel Sound

Day 66: Bud and June – Long U and Short U Vowel Sounds

Day 67: Spelling 10 (-op)

Day 68: Paint Pails – Long Vowel A (ai) & Drop The Mop (-op)

Day 69: Spelling Test 10

Day 70: Hay Day – Long Vowel A (ay)

Day 71: What Do You See? – Long Vowel E (ee)

Day 72: Spelling 11 – (_ob)

Day 73: Jean and Dean – Long Vowel E (ea) & A Job For Bob (_ob)

Day 74: Spelling Test 11

Day 75: EEEEEK! – Long Vowel E (e)

Day 76: Hidden Words – Long Vowel E (ie)

Day 77: Spelling 12 – (-ock)

Day 78: Crazy Crossword – Long Vowel I (ie) & The Rock In My Sock (_ock)

Day 79: Spelling Test 12 (-ock)

Day 80: Shy Tyrone – Long Vowel I (y)

Day 81: The Man and the Dog – Long Vowel I (ind)

Day 82: Spelling 13 – (-ut)

Day 83: What a Day! – Long Vowel O (oa) & Shut The Hut (-ut)

Day 84: Spelling Test 13 (-ut)

Day 85: Oh Deer! Long Vowel O (oe and o)

Day 86: Spelling 14 (-ug)

Day 87: Meal Time – Long Vowel O (ol) & The Bug On The Rug (-ug)

Day 88: Word Family Ug & Spelling Test 14 (-ug)

Day 89: Scare the Crows – Long Vowel O (ow)

Day 90: The New Stew – Long Vowel U and OO (ew)

Day 91: Spelling 15 (-un)

Day 92: When I Am Blue…Long Vowel U (ou, ui and ue) & Fun In The Sun (-un)

Day 93: Spelling Test 15 (-un)

Day 94: Oodles of Cool Words – Long Vowel U (oo)

Day 95: Right on Target: R-controlled Vowel ar

Day 96: Spelling 16 (-uck)

Day 97: Dinner Time R-controlled Vowels er, ir and ur & The Duck Is Stuck (-uck)

Day 98: Spelling Test 16 (-uck)

Day 99: The Corny Fort R-controlled Vowel or

Day 100: Put Out the Fire -ire

Day 101: Spelling 17 (-et)

Day 102: Spare Square (-are)The Pet Gets Wet (-et)

Day 103: Spelling Test 17 (-et)

Day 104: Catchin’ Air (-air)

Day 105: Oh Boy! Diphthongs oy and oi

Day 106: Spelling 18 (-ed)

Day 107: Check It Out! Diphthongs ou and ow & The Sled Is Red (-ed)

Day 108: Spelling Test 18 (-ed)

Day 109: At Dawn – Diphthongs au and aw

Day 110: All Day -all and -al

Day 111: Spelling 19 (-en)

Day 112: My Grandpa – Reading Multi-syllable Words Ten Hens In A Pen (-en)

Day 113: Spelling Test 19 (-en)

Day 114: Get the Swing of It (-ing)

Day 115: Quick as a Wink (-ink)

Day 116: Spelling 20 (-ell)

Day 117: Thank You (-ank) & Who Fell Into The Well? (_ell)

Day 118: Spelling Test 20 (-ell)

Day 119: The Band (-ang)

Day 120: Mr. Wong’s Song (-ong)

Day 121: Spelling 21 – (short a)

Day 122: My First Hat (short a)

Day 123: Spelling Test 21 (short a)

Day 124: The Bell Has Rung (-ung)

Day 125: Spelling 22 (short i)

Day 126: Hodge-Podge Lodge (-dge) & The Kid Will Win A Ship (short i)

Day 127: Spelling Test 22 (short i)

Day 128: Silly Willy (-y)

Day 129: Happy Birthday! (-le)

Day 130: Spelling 23 (short o)

Day 131: Ned’s Red Guitars – More Sounds of ea Mom will find the fox (short o)

Day 132: Spelling Test 23 (short o)

Day 133: 4 square! More sounds of ou

Day 134: Picture Crossword – More Sounds of oo

Day 135: Spelling 24 (short u)

Day 136: Photo Fun – ph and gh He Must Take The Bus (short u)

Day 137: Spelling Test 24 (short u)

Day 138: Shhhhhhhhh! Silent Consonants

Day 139: Spelling 25 – (short e)

Day 140: She Needs Less Shell

Day 141: Spelling Test 25 (short e)

Day 142: Spelling 26 – (long a)

Day 143: Make The Same Shape (long a)

Day 144: Spelling Test 26

Day 145: Spelling 27 – (long a, -ay)

Day 146: Will You Stay & Play?

Day 147: Spelling Test 27

Day 148: Spelling 28 (long i)

Day 149: They Go For A Nice Drive (long i)

Day 150: Spelling Test 28

Day 151: Spelling 29 (long i, -y)

Day 152: The Spy Will Try Not To Cry

Day 153: Spelling Test 29

Day 154: Spelling 30 (long o)

Day 155: The Note Was In Code

Day 156: Spelling Test 30

Day 157: Spelling 31 (long o, -ow)

Day 158: The Snow Blows

Day 159: Spelling Test 31

Day 160: Spelling 32 (long o, -oa)

Day 161: The Coat Got Soaked On The Boat

Day 162: Spelling Test 32

Day 163: Spelling 33 (short oo)

Day 164: Look at the Good Wood

Day 165: Spelling Test 33

Day 166: Spelling 34 (-ow)

Day 167: The Brown Cow in the Tower

Day 168: Spelling Test 34

Day 169: Spelling 35 (long oo)

Day 170: Ride a Broom to the Moon

Day 171: Spelling Test 35

Day 172: Spelling 36 (long e, -ee)

Day 173: Feel the Green Grass

Day 174: Spelling Test 36

Day 175: Blending Sounds

Day 176: The Main Idea

I also found some workbooks that look very good in my opinion – very thorough.  I purchased these workbooks for my daughter, and feel very confident that after completing them and everything above, she will have an excellent Grade 1 Language Arts education – not lacking in anything.  They’re thick books, approximately 300-350 pages each.  If you live in Canada like I do, here are some image links :


For those that live in the USA or elsewhere, I did find the “Total Reading” book, unfortunately not the other ones, but the Sylvan book looks very promising, has great reviews:

So what about you? Do you know of any great curriculum for Grade 1 Language Arts?



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Sign Language Curriculum
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Grade 1 Homeschooling Curriculum