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Grade 1 Language Arts

After much research, I have decided on my daughter’s Grade 1 Language Arts curriculum.  There’s a lot to think about with Language Arts, as it’s one of the more important subjects.

Grade 1 Language Arts 176 days of Free Worksheets

For learning to read, I have purchased a box set of 6 of the “Keywords with Peter and Jane” readers.  There are a total of 24 readers.  Having learned myself to read with the Peter and Jane readers, and now having taught my daughter with them, I do highly recommend beginning with the first 6 books when teaching your child to read.

The series builds the child’s reading vocabulary a word or two at a time, and allows for much repetition with previously learned words.

The box set has 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B and 2C.  The C’s are phonics based.  I do have some C’s but I have decided to teach phonics with different curriculum, but the A’s and B’s are really great.  Separately, each book is about $4.75.

Update: I purchased all 24 readers for my daughter but stopped reading them with her after completing 9B.  The beginning readers were excellent, and helped her learn to read a lot of words.  Eventually tho she got bored with the story so I needed to switch directions.  I tried a bunch of things but our favourite by far was Reading Eggs.  This was fun for her and she was self-motivated to read book after book.  See my Reading Eggs review.

Free Online Grade 1 Language Arts Worksheets

For Phonics, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, I have compiled some free worksheets from around the web and put together a schedule.  See below for all 176 days:

Day 1: Letter Candy – Consonants and Vowels

Day 2: Spelling List #1 (-an & -en)

Day 3: Funny Fish – Consonants and Vowels

Day 4: Spelling List #1 – Worksheet

Day 5: Super Square – Consonants and Vowels

Day 6: Splendid Sounds – Short Vowel Sounds

Day 7: Spelling 1 Word Scramble

Day 8: Ben’s Bedroom – Beginning Consonant B

Day 9: Spelling Test – Spelling List #1 Words

Day 10: Delightful Design – Beginning Consonant D

Day 11: Fix It Fun – Beginning Consonant F

Day 12: Spelling List #2 (-in, -on, -un)

Day 13: A Hip Hopper – Beginning Consonant H

Day 14: Spelling List #2 – Worksheet

Day 15: Flying High – Beginning Consonants J and K

Day 16: Leapin’ Lizards – Beginning Consonant L

Day 17: Spelling List # 2 – Word Scramble

Day 18: Morning Mania Beginning Consonant M

Day 19: Spelling Test – Spelling List #2 Words

Day 20: Nuts for Ned – Beginning Consonant N

Day 21: Picture It – Beginning Consonant P

Day 22: Spelling 1  (-at)

Day 23: Rob and Rod Rat – Beginning Consonant R & Cat On The Mat

Day 24: Spelling Test 1 (-at)

Day 25: Sneaky Ship – Beginning Consonant S

Day 26: Ted Turtle – Beginning Consonant T

Day 27: Spelling 2 (-an)

Day 28: Wendy Walrus – Beginning Consonant W The Man Has A Can

Day 29: Spelling Test 2 (-an)

Day 30: Zoom! – Beginning Consonants V, Y and Z

Day 31: Crazy Corner – Beginning Consonant C

Day 32: Spelling 3 (-ap)

Day 33: Purple Primate – Beginning Consonant G & Tap On The Map

Day 34: Spelling Test 3 (-ap)

Day 35: Missing Instrument – Beginning Consonant Q and Ending Consonant X

Day 36: Name That Picture – Beginning Consonants

Day 37: Spelling 4 (-ack)

Day 38: Double Time – Ending Consonant & Snack in the Sack (-ack)

Day 39: Spelling Test 4 (-ack)

Day 40:  Mystery Picture – Ending Consonant S and Plurals

Day 41: Match ‘Em! – Ending Blends lk, ft, lf, lm, lp, lt, and mp

Day 42: Spelling 5  (-it)

Day 43: The Elk & the Ant-Ending Blends nd,nk,nt,pt,sk & at & He Bit The Pit (-it)

Day 44: Spelling Test 5 (-it)

Day 45: Mini Stories – Beginning Blends bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc and s

Day 46: Picture Blender – Beginning Blends sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, tr, tw, scr, spl, spr and str

Day 47: Spelling 6 (-ig)

Day 48: Chuggin’ Choo Choo – Consonant Digraph ch & The Big Pig (-ig)

Day 49: Spelling Test 6 (-ig)

Day 50: Picnic Party – Consonant Digraph ck

Day 51: Splash! – Consonant Digraph sh

Day 52: Spelling 7 (-in)

Day 53: Rockin’ Thad – Consonant Digraph th & The Thin Pin Can Spin (-in)

Day 54: Spelling Test 7 (-in)

Day 55: Whispering Whales – Consonant Digraph wh

Day 56: Sam Shrimp – Consonant Digraphs shr, squ and the

Day 57: Spelling 8 (-ick)

Day 58: Maze Madness – Silent e & Kick The Brick (-ick)

Day 59: Spelling Test 8 (-ick)

Day 60: Ann and Abe – Long A and Short A Vowel Sounds

Day 61: Ned and Pete – Long E and Short E Vowel Sounds

Day 62: Spelling 9 (-ot)

Day 63: Mike and Mick  – Long I and Short I Vowel Sounds & The Pot Is Hot (-ot)

Day 64: Word Family Story: -ot & Spelling Test 9

Day 65: The Hole Story – Long O Vowel Sound

Day 66: Bud and June – Long U and Short U Vowel Sounds

Day 67: Spelling 10 (-op)

Day 68: Paint Pails – Long Vowel A (ai) & Drop The Mop (-op)

Day 69: Spelling Test 10

Day 70: Hay Day – Long Vowel A (ay)

Day 71: What Do You See? – Long Vowel E (ee)

Day 72: Spelling 11 – (_ob)

Day 73: Jean and Dean – Long Vowel E (ea) & A Job For Bob (_ob)

Day 74: Spelling Test 11

Day 75: EEEEEK! – Long Vowel E (e)

Day 76: Hidden Words – Long Vowel E (ie)

Day 77: Spelling 12 – (-ock)

Day 78: Crazy Crossword – Long Vowel I (ie) & The Rock In My Sock (_ock)

Day 79: Spelling Test 12 (-ock)

Day 80: Shy Tyrone – Long Vowel I (y)

Day 81: The Man and the Dog – Long Vowel I (ind)

Day 82: Spelling 13 – (-ut)

Day 83: What a Day! – Long Vowel O (oa) & Shut The Hut (-ut)

Day 84: Spelling Test 13 (-ut)

Day 85: Oh Deer! Long Vowel O (oe and o)

Day 86: Spelling 14 (-ug)

Day 87: Meal Time – Long Vowel O (ol) & The Bug On The Rug (-ug)

Day 88: Word Family Ug & Spelling Test 14 (-ug)

Day 89: Scare the Crows – Long Vowel O (ow)

Day 90: The New Stew – Long Vowel U and OO (ew)

Day 91: Spelling 15 (-un)

Day 92: When I Am Blue…Long Vowel U (ou, ui and ue) & Fun In The Sun (-un)

Day 93: Spelling Test 15 (-un)

Day 94: Oodles of Cool Words – Long Vowel U (oo)

Day 95: Right on Target: R-controlled Vowel ar

Day 96: Spelling 16 (-uck)

Day 97: Dinner Time R-controlled Vowels er, ir and ur & The Duck Is Stuck (-uck)

Day 98: Spelling Test 16 (-uck)

Day 99: The Corny Fort R-controlled Vowel or

Day 100: Put Out the Fire -ire

Day 101: Spelling 17 (-et)

Day 102: Spare Square (-are)The Pet Gets Wet (-et)

Day 103: Spelling Test 17 (-et)

Day 104: Catchin’ Air (-air)

Day 105: Oh Boy! Diphthongs oy and oi

Day 106: Spelling 18 (-ed)

Day 107: Check It Out! Diphthongs ou and ow & The Sled Is Red (-ed)

Day 108: Spelling Test 18 (-ed)

Day 109: At Dawn – Diphthongs au and aw

Day 110: All Day -all and -al

Day 111: Spelling 19 (-en)

Day 112: My Grandpa – Reading Multi-syllable Words Ten Hens In A Pen (-en)

Day 113: Spelling Test 19 (-en)

Day 114: Get the Swing of It (-ing)

Day 115: Quick as a Wink (-ink)

Day 116: Spelling 20 (-ell)

Day 117: Thank You (-ank) & Who Fell Into The Well? (_ell)

Day 118: Spelling Test 20 (-ell)

Day 119: The Band (-ang)

Day 120: Mr. Wong’s Song (-ong)

Day 121: Spelling 21 – (short a)

Day 122: My First Hat (short a)

Day 123: Spelling Test 21 (short a)

Day 124: The Bell Has Rung (-ung)

Day 125: Spelling 22 (short i)

Day 126: Hodge-Podge Lodge (-dge) & The Kid Will Win A Ship (short i)

Day 127: Spelling Test 22 (short i)

Day 128: Silly Willy (-y)

Day 129: Happy Birthday! (-le)

Day 130: Spelling 23 (short o)

Day 131: Ned’s Red Guitars – More Sounds of ea Mom will find the fox (short o)

Day 132: Spelling Test 23 (short o)

Day 133: 4 square! More sounds of ou

Day 134: Picture Crossword – More Sounds of oo

Day 135: Spelling 24 (short u)

Day 136: Photo Fun – ph and gh He Must Take The Bus (short u)

Day 137: Spelling Test 24 (short u)

Day 138: Shhhhhhhhh! Silent Consonants

Day 139: Spelling 25 – (short e)

Day 140: She Needs Less Shell

Day 141: Spelling Test 25 (short e)

Day 142: Spelling 26 – (long a)

Day 143: Make The Same Shape (long a)

Day 144: Spelling Test 26

Day 145: Spelling 27 – (long a, -ay)

Day 146: Will You Stay & Play?

Day 147: Spelling Test 27

Day 148: Spelling 28 (long i)

Day 149: They Go For A Nice Drive (long i)

Day 150: Spelling Test 28

Day 151: Spelling 29 (long i, -y)

Day 152: The Spy Will Try Not To Cry

Day 153: Spelling Test 29

Day 154: Spelling 30 (long o)

Day 155: The Note Was In Code

Day 156: Spelling Test 30

Day 157: Spelling 31 (long o, -ow)

Day 158: The Snow Blows

Day 159: Spelling Test 31

Day 160: Spelling 32 (long o, -oa)

Day 161: The Coat Got Soaked On The Boat

Day 162: Spelling Test 32

Day 163: Spelling 33 (short oo)

Day 164: Look at the Good Wood

Day 165: Spelling Test 33

Day 166: Spelling 34 (-ow)

Day 167: The Brown Cow in the Tower

Day 168: Spelling Test 34

Day 169: Spelling 35 (long oo)

Day 170: Ride a Broom to the Moon

Day 171: Spelling Test 35

Day 172: Spelling 36 (long e, -ee)

Day 173: Feel the Green Grass

Day 174: Spelling Test 36

Day 175: Blending Sounds

Day 176: The Main Idea

I also found some workbooks that look very good in my opinion – very thorough.  I purchased these workbooks for my daughter, and feel very confident that after completing them and everything above, she will have an excellent Grade 1 Language Arts education – not lacking in anything.  They’re thick books, approximately 300-350 pages each.  If you live in Canada like I do, here are some image links :


For those that live in the USA or elsewhere, I did find the “Total Reading” book, unfortunately not the other ones, but the Sylvan book looks very promising, has great reviews:

So what about you? Do you know of any great curriculum for Grade 1 Language Arts?



Alison at NOVA Frugal Family

Wednesday 10th of December 2014

My son loves learning and loves doing mazes so I am excited to print out a few of them and other coloring in the areas with the math section and some of the fun phonics stuff. I am trying to get out a few things to keep him busy over Christmas break because it is two weeks and I know that I am going to be busy with lots of different things going on and can pull out a few things to do with him or let him pick himself. Great website with worksheets for lots of different levels.

Anne at Left Brain Craft Brain

Saturday 30th of August 2014

Wow! What a resource! Thanks for sharing at the Love to Learn Linky.


Friday 22nd of August 2014

Great selection to choose from or eventually use all


Thursday 21st of August 2014

Awesome! Such a great collection. Pinned.

Selena @ Look! We're Learning!

Monday 18th of August 2014

Great resource! Pinning!